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🙂 Savings Classes to access the Housing Subsidy 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : Currently, there are many possibilities that people who wish to acquire a home can do so.This can be achieved by accessing any of the programs offered by the institutions designed for this purpose, it is likely that they have savings but this is not enough to be able to do the down payment of the house you want to buy, in this case you can go to the financial institution within the Republic of Colombia and they can opt for the programmed savings systems, the periodic savings contributions, the down payment program and the severance program

🤓 Find out what the programmed savings offered by the financial entities that are affiliated with the housing subsidy programs consist of. ✅

One of the characteristics of this type of savings system consists of making deposits in the financial institution’s account, which will be used for the initial payment of the house, it is important that you keep in mind that once you have allocated the funds For this purpose, you will not be able to have them, people who are interested in this type of savings program can establish the amount of savings that they are going to allocate for programmed savings.

🔥 Look at this is the periodic savings mode that you can use to be able to complete the initial fee and be able to access the housing subsidies 🤑

 The periodic savings system gives you the advantage that it can considerably increase the investment you are making through the diversification system, since it can be very easy to obtain savings by making deposits in small amounts that are adjusted to the income you obtain. and in this way not to suffocate financially and to be able to cover the needs you require, this allows that when you go to check your saved balance you can have an amount of money that will serve you to be able to give the initial of the house that you are going to acquire , the periodic saving opens the doors for you, allowing you to be one of the possible beneficiaries of the housing subsidies granted by the entities in charge for this purpose.


✨  This is the information about the down payment program for housing subsidies 💥

The initial fee program consists in that the person opting for the housing subsidy must have at least 10% of the initial fee for the payment of the new or used house that you want to acquire, this fee will depend mainly on the commercial amount of housing and based on that amount, the person opting for the subsidy can request a credit for the amount of money necessary to cover this percentage at the financial institution that is affiliated with the subsidy programs.

Did you know that you can choose to be a possible beneficiary of housing subsidies with the unemployment benefits you have

Severance payments are understood as savings, which you can use to buy a home or in case you become unemployed for any reason, you just have to evaluate what is the priority need for you and make use of them appropriately, this option represents a Of the options that many Colombian families have taken advantage of for the acquisition of new or used homes, it is important that if you want to opt for this system for the acquisition of real estate you have to choose the portfolio for which this investment is intended.