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💥 Dare to obtain the opportunity to acquire a home making use of government subsidies through the housing leasing system ✨ ⌚⭐

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : The first thing you should know is what housing leasing consists of, this type of government housing subsidy systems works as a contract through which the landlord grants the tenant the right to use real estate for a certain time. that will be established in the contract, in exchange for the landlord canceling established monthly installments, once the contract has ended, the landlord will have the opportunity to buy the property from the tenant by paying the established amount, it is important that you know that the housing leasing can be renewable according to the agreement between the parties


🔥  Subsidy of housing Know what are the benefits that you can offer opting for a housing leasing 🤑

 It is important that you know that housing leasing gives you the possibility of financing a new, used or off-plan home

 If you wish to opt for a home under construction, you can access the advance payment to the provider

 One of the characteristics that provides greater guarantees is that the property is unattachable while the housing leasing contract is in place

 The financing period can range from approximately 5 to 20 years

 Another benefit that you find in housing leases is that you can deduct income tax on the interest expense

 You are not presented with the problem of generating some type of mortgage constitution cost

🤓 These are the requirements you need to qualify for housing leases ✅

o This program is aimed at people who are of legal age, that is, for people over the age of 30 from 18 years onwards

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o You must have a stable work activity

o It is recommended that the people who wish to opt for this type of subsidy have a credit history in the banking institution that will grant you the credit

o The fees that people must pay for housing leasing cannot exceed 30% of family income

o The appraisal to be able to establish the price must be carried out by an expert or an expert in the area which will be required by the entity that will grant you the housing leasing subsidies

This type of subsidies who can qualify for this benefit

 As we said previously, it is subsidies called housing leasing, it is for people over 18 years of age, which means that employees, people who work independently and pensioners can choose the subsidy

🙂  In any of the cases, people must have the following documentation: 🥇

1. Photostatic copy of the identity document which must be printed at 150% scale

2. The respective certificate of tradition of freedom of the property that must be valid for approximately 30 days after this period of time may be considered inadmissible.

3. The appraisal request that was made to the property

4. The request for financial services

5. And the housing leasing form must be filled out