Subsidy of housing

🥇 See which is the correct place where you should process the Priority Interest Housing (VIP) subsidies 🙂

Subsidy of housing : Priority interest subsidies can be requested in several entities and their processing, the differences can be presented in the amount of requirements that the possible beneficiary has to present

Do you want to apply for the Priority Interest Housing subsidies known as VIP?

The processing of Priority Interest Housing subsidies can be done through fonvivienda this entity generally has this type of benefit, to start the process you must obtain the form issued by the institution in which you must enter all the information that this entity required.

🤓 See what is needed to process the VIP Priority Interest Housing subsidies by fonvivienda  ✅

• Conformed households must be made up of: married couples, couples in common union or family groups made up of close relatives

• The possible beneficiaries must have a monthly income between the four minimum wages.

• Potential beneficiaries must belong or be duly registered with the Sisben

• Any of the members, including the possible beneficiary, cannot have received this type of subsidy from any of the compensation funds that offer this type of benefit.

• Beneficiaries must have an approved credit granting by AVC from the National Savings Fund.

• Potential beneficiaries must indicate the status of the head of the household, either the father or the mother.

• Potential beneficiaries must be Colombian nationals.

Know the documentation that you must have on hand for the process of applying for the

🔥  Priority Interest Housing subsidy 🤑

Among the fundamental requirements that you must have on hand is the proof of the civil registration in case you are civilly married, if you are not, you must present the certification of the stable de facto union, the photostatic copy of the identity document with which You will verify that you are civilly capable, that is, over 18 years of age, if you have minor children you must present photostatic copies of their birth certificate, in the event that any of the members of the family unit has an impediment or disability you must Present the respective medical certificate that indicates such disability, and the photostatic copy of the Sisben card in which it indicates the level of disability

Can I apply for the Priority Interest Housing subsidy for home improvement?

The Fonvivienda institution as regards Priority Interest Housing subsidies does not have housing improvement subsidies, it is unique and exclusive for the acquisition of homes.

✨  As you can see, you can start the process to opt for the benefit of housing subsidies of Subsidy of housing 💥

Priority Interest by this financing entity, at the moment of starting the process make sure that you have fully complied with each of the requirements and documentation required by the institution and take the first step to improve your quality of life.

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