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Free training certificates  : Reported Speech Free training certificates means the method of transmitting the speech that someone said to another person, whether this speech is written or heard, the method of presenting the spoken words of the person saying directly or indirectly is an important skill that must be acquired Free training certificates when speaking in the English language.

That might sound tough? But do not worry, it is simpler than you can imagine, the goal of the article is to learn how to transfer speech from one person to another. Free training certificates.

✅  Free training certificates  The difference between direct and indirect speech 🤓

For example, you are three friends (you, Ali and Majid) and you dated to go to the café, for example, and when you called Majid to remind him of the time, he said that I am at work now, and you want to tell what Majid said to your friend on


Free training certificates  In this situation you have two methods:


Free training certificates  The first method: by transmitting speech directly without any change in it, where we put the speech of the person that we will transmit as it is without change.

Majid says “I am at work now”

Free training certificates The second method: It is the method of transmitted speech where we do not put or convey the speech of the person whose speech is to be transmitted to another person verbatim, but the time that he said is transferred to the past tense and thus the sentence becomes.

🤑  Free training certificates  Majid said he is at work now. 🔥

This is simply what is meant by transmitted speech (direct and indirect speech), but how is it applied correctly in the English language, the subject of transmitted speech (direct and indirect) can be a source of confusion for the English language learner, but we can take a look at the difference between direct and indirect speech and how Convert the form of speech in the English language

Direct Speech

Although this article mainly focuses on reported speech or utterance, it is really important to understand and know exactly how direct speech is written, in which direct expression refers to actual words spoken by the person directly


💥  Free training certificates  Example: ✨

Transmitted Speech: Reported Speech

Usually transmitted or indirect speech is used to transfer speech from one person to another, and most often it is spoken in the past tense.


(Indirect speech) (Direct speech)

She said that she had seen him. She said, “I saw him.”

He said (that) john was angry.

He said (that) John was angry.

John is angry. John is angry

 How to convert direct speech to indirect.

There are some steps to follow when converting direct to indirect speech

We mention the name of the person or we convert the verb to say

Say = say, say to = tell, said = said, said to = told

The parentheses are omitted and we put that (that is)

The appropriate person pronoun (Saying) is chosen, whether it is masculine, feminine, or plural

Transforming time into the past.

In times of quoted speech, pronouns and adverbs often change (but not always). How to convert tenses and pronouns will be shown to help you convert indirect speech.

Free training certificates Tenses transfer in indirect speech.

Shift to time

Past simple Present simple Simple present

Past continuous Present continuous Continuous

Past perfect Present perfect Present perfect

Past perfect Past simple Past simple

Past perfect, perfect past. Past perfect. Perfect past


🔥  Free training certificates  Example: 😂


Free training certificates  Reported Speech, Direct speech, Tense time

Tom told me that he liked coffee.

There are also some words that are converted as follows

Indirect speech reported speech


He said that he liked that. This

‘. He said, ‘I like this


He asked how much those were. These

He asked ‘How much are these


She shouted that it was there. Here

She shouted ‘Here it is


The child screamed that he wanted it then. Now

.’Screamed the child ‘I want it now

The previous day, the day before

.I was upset yesterday ,’t said Bill

The next day Fred promised that he would tell me the next day. Tomorrow

I will tell you tomorrow, ‘promised Fred


Free training certificates  The T Rex said that it had happened long before. Ago

‘.It happened long ago,’ said the T Rex


Free training certificates  In addition to converting these auxiliary verbs when converting to indirect speech as follows:

Would will

could can

Must or had to Must / have to

might May / might

should Should

Ought to Ought to

Convert the interrogative sentence.

🙂  Words recently used in the news Free training certificates 🥇

Free training certificates : This month has been full of news, Free training certificates here are some of the most important English words you’ve come across.

Meme “memes” – You may know some examples Free training certificates of them even though you have not seen this word before. Have you Free training certificates seen a Harlem Shayk dance video before? If that; You saw a ‘meme’. In this article on the BBC Radio website; Memes are described as a “self-replicating Free training certificates trend on the Internet.” So; A ‘meme’ is something like a picture or video that people get copies of and share with each other on the Internet.

Sinkhole “Vascular Hole” – I found Free training certificates this article about a man Free training certificates swallowed by Sinkhole in Florida – USA. A sinkhole is a pit that appears suddenly on the ground. It is usually the result of the collapse of a cave or an abandoned mine.

To drop a lawsuit – that’s a great phrase that I found in this article on the Reuters website. It means to stop trying to fight another person in the courts. Conversely, ‘bring’ a lawsuit against someone. ”

Fired – The GroupOn CEO was Free training certificates forced to quit his job, or fired, and this article in The Washington Post takes an interesting look at some of the famous cases of spoilage in the past, especially with regard to people who have left office in style!

Retired – The Pope is retiring from one of the most famous jobs in the world. Retiring is when leaving a job to stop working permanently. When you reach the same age as the man; It sounds like a reasonable choice.

🤓  Did you come across these exciting Free training certificates words or expressions in the news this month? If that; Please let us know about it in the comments section below. ✅

Here she has learned the nouns, studied verbs, and knew everything about the order of speech, but sometimes there are phrases in English as slippery as an eel, “as slippery as an eel” [elusive elusive foxes]. If you are as slow as a tortoise; You may not be aware that the speaker is using similes.

An analogy is a metaphor in speech that directly combines two different things; This is usually by using the words like or as, and sometimes if / if and than. Animals are the preferred source of inspiration for similes, and many analogies have a kind of anthropomorphism – the imparting of human characteristics to animals.

🤑 ⭐ Free training certificates Some of them are based on animal behavior, for example: 🔥

As brave as a lion.

As slow as a tortoise.

As stubborn as a mule [his brain is like a stone]

💥 Running around like a chicken with its head cut off Free training certificates ✨

Some use physical features to describe personality. For example: as hungry as a wolf, as proud as a peacock, ‘as slippery as an eel’. Some of them go back to religious origins, such as: as innocent as a lamb, or as poor as a church mouse. Some of them use rhyme for the purpose of emphasis. For example: as drunk as a skunk or as fat as a cat.

If the analogy is appropriate; The meaning must be clear. For example: ‘as slow as a tortoise’ gives meaning because turtles are known to move slowly. And the fox flamed quietly to catch a chicken; Hence the metaphor as cunning as a fox became a popular analogy. On the other side; As for the ‘drunk as a skunk’; We find the sound that makes the phrase meaningful.

Sometimes the meaning takes a little more side, Free training certificates such as: like a cat on a hot tin roof. Most cats are known to love warm places to sleep in – but in this case, the analogy means someone who is nervous or does not stop jumping as if they were walking on a hot surface.

Metaphor is more complex than simile. Instead of saying Free training certificates that something is like an animal – you say metaphorically [eloquent analogy] that the thing is an animal. One of the strangest metaphors we usually see in the English language is the phrase it is raining cats and dogs, meaning that the rain is intense. There are many ideas about the source of this expression. It may be due to the Norwegian legend that Odin, the god of the wind, traveled with dogs, or to ‘catadupe’, an ancient but now abandoned word meaning waterfall, or from the Greek ‘catadoxa’ which is the antithesis of faith – all of these ideas seem logical.

What are the animal similes or metaphors in your language? Free training certificates Can you find out if such analogies exist in English? What if you try to create a new metaphor?

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What is new in the innovation ecosystem is its ecological aspect, which is characterized by the interdependence of the various collaborating actors and the co-development / co-innovation that binds them together over time, along with the dimension of sustainable development. ”“ Co-innovation ”networks are also referred to when it comes to The innovation ecosystem concept The concept of co-innovation includes “cooperation, coordination, co-creativity, convergence, and complementarity, and can be understood as“ the dynamically intertwining processes of cooperation, co-development, and joint specialization within and across regional and sectoral innovation ecosystems ”

Developing a rigorous conceptualization of the innovation ecosystem is not. Online Certificate Programs, new customers are waiting for you.

✨ Free Online Courses   E-marketing is the weapon of competitors: 💥

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This institution is recognized by the British government and is on the list of European institutions affiliated with the European Higher Accreditation Council ENQA. In addition, it is a member institution of the American Council.

The English language is the official language in which all documents and instructions are issued, and therefore it is preferable not to be satisfied with the Arabic text, but rather to refer to the English text as it is the most accurate, comprehensive and valid in all dealings.


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💥 All you need to know about learning  Online Certificate Programs ✨  

Online Certificate Programs : Today’s employers are  Online Certificate Programs looking for an educated workforce with advanced skills in their field of specialization, and they prefer people in particular who are constantly striving to develop and develop their skills, which leads many to turn to online learning due to the flexibility and ability to learn for free or at a cost. Less than traditional education. Online Certificate Programs.

Online Certificate Programs  Whether you are one of those wishing to move their job to the next stage, or want to fill your spare time with a useful activity that broadens your knowledge, online courses are a good option.

Online Certificate Programs  In today’s article, we gathered some important information that you should know before embarking on this path, in addition to a list that compiles the best global platforms that offer a huge number of free online courses.

🔥   Online Certificate Programs  Things you need to know before taking an online course 🤑

Online learning Online Certificate Programs

 Types of online courses

Before you embark Online Certificate Programs  on the path of online learning, you must understand the difference between university courses available online and what are known as open online courses or MOOCs. Which can be summarized as follows:

Undergraduate courses are often offered by internationally recognized universities, and culminate with a university degree (BA, MA, PhD, Diploma … etc).

Students enrolled in Online Certificate Programs  university courses can communicate and interact with their professors through video, correspondence, or other means of communication. This may not be the case with Online Certificate Programs MOOCs.

Open courses are often completely free, or low-priced, while university courses may be worth the cost of attending and studying at a university.

Universities can offer free open courses, which are courses that do not lead you to obtain an academic certificate, but rather end with a certificate of completion for the course.

You can learn more about undergraduate courses by reading our article on studying a Masters Distance.

🤓 ⭐ Your success in the courses depends on your personal effort Online Certificate Programs ✅

Despite its massive popularity, online courses are not for everyone! Because succeeding in it requires a tremendous amount of motivation and self-motivation. If you are not a committed person who is able to accomplish your tasks on your own without the need for someone to monitor you, and if you do not Online Certificate Programs  have the enthusiasm and drive to learn more, you likely will not be able to complete the courses until the end and will give up midway.

In this kind of learning, you are fully responsible for your success, and only you can decide how you will benefit from these courses.

🥇  Time management skills are your key to progress Online Certificate Programs 🙂

The online learning process gives you a lot of flexibility, as you can study anytime and anywhere. But that doesn’t mean Online Certificate Programs you should spend less time studying. Conversely, you may need more time, Online Certificate Programs  since there is no direct interaction between you and the course instructor.

Also, many of the other free online courses available are often offered by people with experience in their field. And you can always learn more about the course tutor through the description on the official website.

How do you choose the right course for you?

With Online Certificate Programs  the proliferation of an enormous amount of online learning resources, you may find yourself lost among the available options, and you may join a course and discover that it was not up to the Online Certificate Programs standard required. So how do you choose what suits you best?

First of all, it must be noted Online Certificate Programs that you can withdraw from the course whenever you want, because you are not in school!

As for university courses or paid courses, the matter may be more difficult, so be sure to read the course description well and watch the introductory video of the course, if any.

Do not Online Certificate Programs hesitate to read the opinions of the attendees or former students, as you can write to them and ask them about the course and its quality.

Many e-learning platforms provide an evaluation of their courses, which is based on the evaluations of those enrolled, which may give you an idea about the course before joining it.

🥇  Online Certificate Programs  Five steps for a su ccessful digital transformation in higher education institutions 🙂

Online Certificate Programs : Hiam Hayek Online Certificate Programs.  At a time when schools and universities close their doors around the world, it will be difficult to close the door of growing questions, and among the urgent questions: Online Certificate Programs  How do we keep students safe after the epidemic? How can we ensure students get what they need, take the required courses and classes, without risking their lives?

Online Certificate Programs  Tech-savvy students expect their interactions with colleges and universities to be similar to the way they currently communicate via their social media tools or to those they used to shop on Online Certificate Programs via e-commerce sites. But the reality is different, as the value of automation and digital transformation transcends the general features of productivity, and moves towards inclusive learning, collaboration, and improved decision-making. Online Certificate Programs  For universities to thrive in the future and secure their place in the new world after the pandemic, they must make the digital transformation now and start promoting solutions that help them become faster and more cost-effective.

🤓  Online Certificate Programs  Questions that must be met during the digital transition ✅

There is an increasing digital divide among the world’s Online Certificate Programs universities, the size of which varies between early adopters of digitization and major adopters and late adopters. Consequently, students who are technologically aware will not have patience with the late adopters, Online Certificate Programs  and certainly not one of their options will be to join a university stuck in the past, which makes it imperative for universities not to slow down and start practical steps for a comprehensive digital transition, because of the Corona virus, if your operations are not digital in proportion 100%, Online Certificate Programs  you’ll be soon.


Through Online Certificate Programs  the use of cloud computing applications, analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, the digital world can be your oyster while preparing your organization for continued success. However, many colleges still find it difficult to standardize technologies at the institution level in addition to the disparity in the digital capabilities of the classroom, Online Certificate Programs  and as a result, we find that there are many priorities and challenges facing many colleges today such as:

🤑  Online Certificate Programs  How to simplify costs, and how to standardize the procedures for outsourcing, cooperation and joint partnership. 🔥

 How to identify and publish Online Certificate Programs  applications designed for student success such as getting early alerts, tracking progress, answering questions, promoting academic maps, course planning, and other Online Certificate Programs  technical matters.

⭐  How to carry out analyzes to reach Online Certificate Programs  the goal of improving competency, data-driven decisions, and student success 💥

 How Online Certificate Programs  to use technology to improve research, scholarship, and student access around the world.

 How to use technology to raise security and improve the student experience, and how to ensure student safety Online Certificate Programs  in the emergence of rapidly evolving viruses.

✨ You Are many questions, and the good news is that these questions and challenges can be easily addressed. There are several solutions you can try  ⌚

1- Digitize the library Online Certificate Programs  and automate the library reference service desk using chatbots Online Certificate Programs

There is no doubt that the college library is home Online Certificate Programs to valuable content and continuously contributes to a comprehensive university experience. However, in troubled times, libraries are usually the first to close their doors. As a result, it becomes the ideal option to digitize the library and provide periodicals and digital books that students can easily access through a specific portal and using their membership number.

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Short online courses with certificate  : Are you looking for a marketing strategy to help boost your online course sales? Check out our list of 41 Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Online Course Updated for 2020.

I finished Short online courses with certificate  creating your online course! It took me several weeks (maybe even several months) to create it, but that’s okay, the important thing is that it was done, and after so many long days and nights on your computer as you compose, record, and modify your course content, you finally have time. To enjoy daylight again.

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In this article, you’ll learn 41 different ways to market your course online and increase your sales and registrations.

✅  Short online courses with certificate  Well let’s dive into … 🤓

Short online courses with certificate,  Select your unique value proposition. Research some of the online courses related to your topic so that you have a good idea of ​​what is included in those courses and how they are offered. The goal here is to determine how you will differentiate your course from your competitors. What areas will you cover that your competitors have not mentioned? What value can you add to your course that is not mentioned in other courses.

Define Short online courses with certificate your value proposition and include it on the course sales page and in your marketing messages. Additionally, when people ask, “How is your period different from other courses?” It helps to get a good answer.

🔥  Research your audience before creating your course Short online courses with certificate 🤑

This step is important because it helps ensure that you create the online course that people want to take. If you have an audience (from a blog, podcast, email list, social media, etc.) send them a survey asking them about the topics they are interested in learning about. Create a course based on what they want, Short online courses with certificate  not what you want to create.

Including your audience in the process of creating your course is also a great way to publicize your course before launching it, as well as Short online courses with certificate checking for demand for your course topic before investing any resources to create it.

✨  Short online courses with certificate Create a compelling title based on the keywords for your course 💥


Imagine for a moment that you are looking for some information about your topic. What search terms would you use to find the information you are looking for? For example, if you wanted to learn how to design logos in Adobe Short online courses with certificate Photoshop you would probably include the key words: How to use logos in Photoshop?

Use a tool like Google’s keyword planner or BuzzSumo to identify the most popular keywords related to your course topic, and include these keywords in your course title. This will help position your course in the manner that a potential student is searching for while researching your topic online.

😂  Short online courses with certificate Promote your course on your blog 🔥  

Your blog is a great place to promote your course, especially if you regularly post free content related to your course topic. If you’ve written articles on the same topic you’re studying on your course, Short online courses with certificate  everyone who reads your blog is a potential student of your course.