Subsidy of housing

🙂 Learn how you can apply for the housing subsidies offered by Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing : The first thing you should do before applying for a loan at the Bancoomeva financial institution is to evaluate the financial income you have on a monthly basis, this will allow that at the time of making the loan application you can adjust to the financing methods that are appropriate. This institution offers you, it is important to bear in mind that the requests that potential beneficiaries make to Bancoomeva will be evaluated and if you have opted for a subsidy that does not meet your economic needs, the request will be denied, regarding the steps to follow at the time of applying, it varies depending on the type of subsidy you choose, to start the process it is essential that the interested person makes it, since this type of application cannot be made through intermediaries.

🤑  These are the requirements to Subsidy of housing apply for the housing subsidies offered by Bancoomeva through some entities. ✅ 🤓


Given that this institution is one of those that is affiliated with government subsidy programs, this entity works hand in hand with the Mi Casa Ya program, the requirements for purchasing a home vary depending on the type of subsidy you choose, the requirements are as follows:

💥 The requirements to qualify for the subsidies of the Subsidy of housing  🔥

• The applicant or the family group must have an estimated monthly income of approximately more than 70 minimum wages and a maximum limit of up to 135 current legal minimum wages

• It is important that the optants keep in mind that the subsidy is 4% on the interest rate for a period of 7 years which will begin to count from the moment the loan is disbursed.

• Once the opting party has bought the home, one of the main requirements is that the beneficiary live in the home for a minimum period of 10 years.

• Finally, it is essential that neither the opting party nor any of the members of the family group appear as owners of a property

Requirements for the frech subsidy or non-VIS housing

• Applicants or the family group must have monthly income between the 135 legal minimum wages in force as a lower limit and as a maximum limit of up to 435 legal minimum wages in force

• Regarding the subsidy, in case of being a beneficiary of this type of program, it will be at 2.5% on the interest rate, with a period of 7 years, it will begin to count from the moment the loan is disbursed.

😂  Once you have submitted the requested documentation, the entity will proceed to Subsidy of housing  ✨

 Subsidy of housing evaluate all the requirements this in order to determine if you can indeed be selected for the grant allocation and especially if the subsidy you chose meets your economic needs, it is important that you know that during the selection process the documentation provided will be evaluated by Bancoldex or Findeter who will have the final say if it is approved or not

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