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🙂 See the information on housing subsidies to apply for 2019 Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : There are many entities that are currently enrolled in the housing subsidy programs to apply for 2019, the first of the institutions that open applications this year is the National Savings Fund FNA, if you are registered in this entity do not waste time and make the respective application for this type of subsidy

🤓 Know the requirements requested by the National Savings Fund for housing subsidies to apply for 2019 Subsidy of housing  ✅

In order to apply for housing subsidies to apply for 2019 by the National Savings Fund, you must meet the following requirements:

First requirement: it is essential that you have a constituted home, in which all members of the household share the same physical space.

Second requirement: if the members of the constituted family have monthly income, these cannot exceed 4 monthly minimum wages, this may be a reason for the application made by the constituted household not to be approved

Third requirement: none of the members of the fully constituted household can own a home, if they do, this can significantly influence the application to be denied

🔥 Fourth requirement: household members must have registered the Sisben or be registered with said entity Subsidy of housing 🤑

Fifth requirement: all the requirements are important, but this is one of the most relevant, it is important that the families who are opting for the housing subsidy to apply for 2019 have not been benefited by the subsidy system, in any of the boxes of family compensation, remember that this data is managed nationally and is hosted in the system, which means that if you have been benefited, the system will indicate to the entity where you are submitting your application that you have already been a beneficiary

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 This is that the information on the housing subsidies that you must handle once you have been selected as a beneficiary of the same 🙂

Sixth requirement: family members who are applying for the 2019 family subsidy benefit can be independent and informal workers

Seventh requirement: it is important that you ensure that none of those who make up the family nucleus are affiliated with the family compensation funds

Eighth requirement: in the event that a mother is the head of the family who makes the application for the housing subsidy benefit to apply for 2019, she must prove the special condition of a single mother

✨  Ninth requirement: it is essential that you have a credit approved either by the AVCo or by the FNA 💥

Tenth requirement: they must record the financial closing that indicates the value of the home they wish to acquire, which must also support the value of the contributions received by the family members that make up the family group, together with the certain amount and the value of the property.

Eleventh requirement: they must fill out the form where they will enter the data correctly

Twelfth requirement: within the other requirements you must present the photostatic copy of the personal documentation, the respective medical certificate in the event that some of the family members present some type of disability, the photostatic copy of the Sisben card, if the constituted household has contracted marriage must present the marriage certificate issued by the corresponding entity, and finally sign the application form