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🙂 Go ahead and opt for the Youth in Action Subsidy 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : One of the ways that the state has adopted to help many young people who do not have the financial resources to access quality education has been implementing financial aid programs, including the youth in action subsidy program.

The entity that is in charge of this type of program is the department of social prosperity, which is in charge of allocating the subsidies, the operation of the youth subsidies in action consists of economic aid which is managed under a series of conditions, which means that young people who wish to opt for this program must meet the academic standards that the entity requests.

🤓  Look at these are the advantages of youth subsidies in action Subsidy of housing ✅

Among the advantages offered by the Youth in Action allowance we find the following:

o Young people who opt for this program receive financial aid

o The beneficiary can cover basic expenses as regards their academic training

o Beneficiaries have the opportunity to opt for quality education

o Young people can receive the counseling they require to start their chosen career this counseling may receive it from the beginning to the end of the career

o They have the option of studying technical or technology careers in the National Learning Service better known as (SENA)

o Opens the doors so that graduates can quickly enter the workplace

o The financial aid provided by the youth in action subsidies can be received every two months

🔥  Are you excited and want to opt for youth grants in action? These are the requirements you need 🤑

Like any subsidy or aid provided by the State, it is necessary that the people who are interested meet the following requirements:

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1. All young people who wish to apply for the youth in action subsidy must have completed their high school studies, this is an essential requirement.

2. People who opt for this subsidy must be over 16 years of age and will have the possibility of accessing the benefit up to 25 years of age.

3. If you want to opt for technical or technological careers, you can do so at the National Learning Service (SENA)

4. It is necessary for young people to have a score on the SISBÉN 2

5. Finally, it is important that those who qualify for the youth in action subsidy benefit belong to the displaced population, are in a situation of vulnerability or are simply enrolled in the United network

✨ In this way you can qualify for the youth in action subsidies 💥


If you meet the required requirements, the next step is to stay informed, as regards the Subsidy of housing opening date of the call process, if you already know the date you only have to make your application, this process is carried out in the municipal centers , which means that only the people who wish to apply for the subsidy will directly process their application.