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Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : The Colombian government has sought a way to implement government policies that provide legal security to all its citizens, this has been adopted through social programs that open the door of acquisition to many who do not have the economic capacity among those One of the most important programs is housing subsidies, which are granted by institutions that have the arduous task of making the selection process and then completing the required process to be able to grant this benefit.

My house is one of the many institutions that is currently in charge of providing the housing subsidy benefit whose sole purpose is to guarantee that less favored families can acquire a property, this mainly works with the granting of an initial fee, which must take into account the coverage of the interest rate, through comfortable installments that people will have to pay monthly for a period of approximately 7 years

✅   Among the plans that my house already offers are the priority interest dwellings  🙂

commonly known as VIPs and the second plan is the VIS social interest dwellings, the condition to qualify for the VIP must bear in mind that the range of monthly income must be approximately 2 minimum wages, while to qualify for VIS housing subsidies the range of monthly income must range between approximately 2 to 4 minimum wages.

🤓  Surely you wonder how my house already covers the interest rate? Depending on the type 🔥

of subsidy you want to access or request interest rate coverage, it will be between approximately 4 to 5 percentage points, in the case of VIP it will be done at 5 points while in VIS it will be at 4 points.

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One of the important aspects that you should keep in mind is that the amount of income received by the person requesting the benefit is a determining factor for the initial payment of the requested subsidy, on the other hand, the home you.

🔥 Choose will influence the cost of the interest rate installments. 🤑

Regarding the people or family nuclei that can apply, there are no longer limitations since people who have contracted marriage, those who live without the need to be married, families whose nucleus is made up of two or more relatives and those who people who are made up of relatives and who are in the first degree of affinity and second by consanguinity.

An important aspect that should be considered by those who decide to opt for the benefit of housing subsidies for my house now, is that this institution does not pre-assign and the number of available places decreases as the institution receives applications, so If you have not completed the process, go and request the benefit, this will allow you to obtain the house that you have long hoped to have