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🙂 Application button: to apply choosing the template you liked to use for your blog on Blogger Online Certificate Programs 🥇

Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs : Choose the Blogger blog template that you think is suitable for you, your business, and your Blogger blog topics. At any time, you can press the preview button that appears below the template image when choosing any of the ready-made Blogger templates to see and preview the shape of the template and what If it fits your ideas! In addition, there are:

🤓 Personalization button: to customize and modify the template Online Certificate Programs ✅

Set and customize the template in Blogger blog

Here are the most prominent examples of ready and used templates on Blogger:

Contempo Blogger Ready Template

Simple and Lightweight Soho Blogger Blog Template

Blogger blog template for notes and story writing Notable

Emporio Recipes & Products Blogger Blog Template

After choosing the appropriate template, click on the Customize button to design and modify the template according to your mood through:

Modify the background: the main color or use an image

Adjust widths: to adjust the content size and the sidebar size

Format: Choose the text and footer format for your blog

Advanced settings: to change font color, size and type

After choosing the template and modifying the layout of the Blogger blog, let’s move to creating pages and writing your first blog post!

Writing the first blog post

Posts in the Blogger system are called posts. To write the first blog post, all you have to do is click on the New Post button  at the top of the main menu on the right side of the screen.

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🔥 Interface to create blogs on Blogger Online Certificate Programs 🤑

A new interface will appear for you specially prepared for blogging, with all the tools and features you need to create and write your first blog post from:

Choice of heading formats

Add photos

Link text to external links

Add video or embed video from YouTube

Text formats

Choose font type, color, and size

Inclusion of emojis in the text

Determine classifications

Include maps

… and more Online Certificate Programs

Add Arabic fonts to Blogger blog

If you are going to use Blogger blog for blogging in Arabic, you may be wondering how to choose an Arabic font, the matter is very simple, so all you have to do while on the posts page is click on the font type A  icon in the main menu on the page as shown in the image below and choose to add more fonts

✨ Add Arabic fonts to Blogger blog Online Certificate Programs 💥

 Click on the Scripts button and choose the Arabic language, then select the fonts you want to use (you can add more than one font) and then press the Select button

Choose and define Arabic fonts in blogger blogs

After returning, you will find the fonts you have selected in the font type A list in the main menu on the page. Choose the font you prefer and start writing your first blog post.

Choosing Arabic fonts in Blogger

Before completing the first blog post, make sure that you preview the post and that everything is in its correct place, and after previewing, press the publish button in the upper corner of the left side of the screen.

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🔥 ⌚ Congratulations, your first blog post was posted on Blogger Online Certificate Programs!  😂

Profit from Blogger blogs

There are those who tend to blog just because it is a hobby they have, and there is another part that uses blogging to make money and profit, and this applies to bloggers, of course.