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🥇 How to install WordPress on your Hosting package Online Certificate Programs 🙂

Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs : Follow the detailed instructions for installing wordpress in Plesk . How to log in to WordPress Online Certificate Programs

Once the WordPress installation is complete, you will receive an email with the url and login details (username & password) to enter the admin (control panel) of the wordpress blog .

If you do not find the email with the login details in the inbox, please check your spam.

d. Browse the WordPress blog control panel

The WordPress control panel is the interface from which you can control everything, from its appearance to the comments of visitors.

Step 4 – How to set up a WordPress Online Certificate Programs blog

a. Give it a name

Select ” Settings” from the left menu   and then ” General” to complete:

The Title (eg

The Subtitle (eg Getaways in the countryside)

b. Set up permanent links (friendly url or permalinks)

From ” Settings” , go to ” Permanent links”  and then select the type “article name” . This option will help search engines find your wordpress blog articles more easily .

* Permalinks (or friendly urls) are the words that appear in the urls of articles or pages.

🤓  How to choose a theme for your WordPress blog Online Certificate Programs  ✅

WordPress themes are a set of files, data and templates that are responsible for the external appearance of the blog or site and are a separate part of it. Most provide options such as:


Colors and fonts



Stylistic details

i. Free WordPress themes

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Online Certificate Programs can be divided into 6 different types: 🥇

For beginners to blogging, free themes are Online Certificate Programs a good opportunity to experiment and try out the various features and options to figure out which ones interest them the most.

WordPress has its own library of free themes Online Certificate Programs from where you can view and then install with 1 click what you like best. To see the free themes, select from the left menu of the manager, the  “Appearance” and then the option ” Themes”.

🔥  Some of the most popular free WordPress themes Online Certificate Programs are: 🤑

Twenty Seventeen

Twenty Fifteen

Twenty Sixteen

Usually, the above themes are available by default when you install WordPress.

ii. With payment – Premium word-press themes

If you need more features than the free themes provided, then it would be good to look for and buy a premium wordpress theme.

✨  Some of the most trusted Online Certificate Programs websites where you can find and buy premium wordpress theme are: 💥


Monster Template


iii. How to install and customize the theme of your blog

Theme installation:

Choose from ” Appearance” > ” Themes” > Online Certificate Programs ” Add new” . Then you will see all the available themes presented in WordPress, choose one of them or search with specific keywords.

Once you find the theme you like, try to preview it before installing it. In order for the preview to display properly, you must first have installed all the necessary plugins for the specific theme.

Once you are sure of your choice, you can proceed to the  “Installation” and “Activation” of the theme.

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Fourth, add a section on related topics or articles Online Certificate Programs