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🥇 We are Online Certificate Programs launching the accommodation of our own proprietary servers in Greece with an incredible offer: 🙂

Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs  : 25%  discount on each new annual or biennial hosting package? O) Online Certificate Programs

This Christmas, we want to share with all of you our joy for working with Lamda Hellix Datacenter!

There we now house our brand new privately owned servers and we invite you to get the best web hosting in Greece, with a super-offer!

Whatever your need, shared hosting , reseller hosting , VPS & dedicated servers,  buy annual and bi-annual packages with a 25% discount and earn up to € 104 per month .

The offer is valid until 31-12-2013.

Meet our Hosting packages

We have prepared a short guide for you to get to know and choose the right hosting package.

Web hosting

If you want hosting for  websites with low space requirements , low traffic & low RAM / CPU requirements, then we provide you with the most stable hosting environment in Greece.

🤓  For one or more small sites Online Certificate Programs (low traffic, low server resource requirements). ✅

Private Servers in Greece with SSD

Cloud email with Spam Filter & Antivirus

Management with Plesk 11 in Greek

Joomla, WordPress, Magento etc. with 1 click

Free Daily Backup

Cleaning website from malware

Support all week

🤑  WEB HOSTING with 25% discount For reseller hosting Online Certificate Programs 🔥 😂  

If you are a web designer, IT company or small internet service company and you want to host your clients’ websites without making complicated settings, start immediately by choosing one of the richest Reseller Hosting packages in the world .

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For small sites .

Host unlimited domains

Cloud email with Spam Filter & Antivirus

Management with Plesk 11 in Greek

Joomla, WordPress, Magento etc. with 1 click

Free Daily Backup

Support all week

💥  RESELLER HOSTING with 25% discount Online Certificate Programs ✨

Virtual server hosting (VPS hosting)

Our VPS hosting is the right solution if you are a web application developer, advertising company or a webmaster and you are looking for a fast, reliable and configurable environment for the hosting (or development / testing) of your sites, your web applications, your advertising your campaign or your forum / portal.

For one or a few demanding sites or many small websites.

(flexible, configurable environment with SSH access)

Quad & Hexa-core Intel Xeon servers with 64GB RAM

SAS 15,000 RPM hard drives in RAID10 (2X performance-data security)

100% managed by our technicians

Special settings for extra Security & Performance

✨ VPS HOSTING with 25% discount Online Certificate Programs ✨

Hosting on your own machine (Dedicated Servers)

If you want to host websites or services with high demands & high traffic , we have the solution:

Powerful and reliable dedicated servers, with 4-core Intel Core i7 and Intel Xeon processors, plenty of CPU & RAM in Central Europe’s fastest network.

For a site (or web application) with very high traffic & processing power requirements.

(or for many small websites / moderately demanding sites)

Linux or Windows operating system

Datacenter in the Netherlands or Germany

Certified Technical Support (RedHat & Windows)

Large variety of machines

✨ DEDICATED SERVERS with 25% discount Online Certificate Programs ✨

Do not miss this opportunity! Buy web hosting now with a 25% discount  on every new annual or biennial web hosting package.

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