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🥇 You start writing articles Online Certificate Programs 🙂

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🔥  Let’s see how you can write your first Online Certificate Programs article: ✅

a. Create a new article

b. Image input

c. Add categories and tags

d. Publication of an article

a. Create a new article

After logging in to the WordPress blog control panel, select ” Articles ” from the left pane and then ” New Article “.

🤓  Create a new article Online Certificate Programs 😂


This option will take you to the author’s screen where you will start creating the article. Once you are logged in to the WordPress author, the first thing you need to do is give the article a title in the corresponding blank field.

If you are not familiar with wordpress blogging stay in the visual editor.

Then write the text of the article and add headings to the various paragraphs. You will notice that in the author there are two tabs, one labeled ” optical ” and the other labeled ” text “.

b. Image input

To add one or more images to your article, select ” add media ” and then ” upload  files “. Select the images you want to upload from your device and press ” import” .

Tip: For better ranking on google, before entering, fill in the title, the alternative text and the description of the image.

image in wordpress article

Insert an image into the article

c. Add categories & tags

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Categories are a broad grouping of articles that belong to the same topic. For example, if you want to start a wordpress blog with travel suggestions, you could have general categories Greece, Europe, Asia, etc.

While  ” tags ” are more detailed and specific words or phrases that help organize the article in greater depth. Based on the previous example, if an article belongs to the category Greece and describes getaways in the province, then a tag for this article could be “Province”.

* There is no limit to the number of categories and tags you can insert in an article.

🔥 💥✨ wordpress categories and tags Online Certificate Programs 🤑

Insert a category and tag into WordPress

To insert a new category in an article, select ” Add Category ” from the right column, then enter the category name. From now on, this category will be available for future articles.

To enter tag (s), type in the tags field (located below the categories) this or these tags you want and then confirm with the “add” button.

d. Publication of an article

If you are happy with your article and want to publish it, all you have to do is click the publish button in the right column.

article publish button

Publish your article

Your first article is online and ready to receive visitors! Post it on social media, send it to friends and do not forget that the more targeted , well- written and quality an article is, the more likely it is to be in the first places of google in specific and related keywords.

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