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✨ List of free online courses Study of English literature in Britain 💥

List of free online courses : Enjoy Britain , List of free online courses the presence of the best universities in the world by, as most British universities worldwide have been ranked among the best universities in the world , characterized by Britain to apply the best integrated educational system at all, it is also characterized by the multiplicity of cultures and openness of civilization , making it one of the first countries that have become the focus of attention of many Of the students who want to get a very rare educational opportunity, Britain has become a global center for all scientific research, so we are going to talk about one of the specializations, which is the study of English literature in Britain and provide all the information that the student who wants to study this major needs.

🔥  Study List of free online courses English literature in Britain: 🤑

The study List of free online courses of English literature in Britain is the study that deals with everything related to novels, plays, literature and all types of literature in the English language.

This specialization is List of free online courses concerned of course primarily with the study of British English literature, as Britain is the home of many poets, writers and philosophers.

But first, we must note the conditions for studying in Britain.

🤓  What List of free online courses are the requirements for studying English literature in Britain? ✅

The student must pass the IELTS English placement tests, with no less than 7 points, and they must be approved.

One of the prerequisites for studying in Britain is the study and dedication of the English language tremendously.

The student obtained a high school diploma and its equivalent.

The student should also obtain an advanced level certificate or what is known as LEVEL A.

How long does it take to study English literature?

It is usual in British universities for a student to obtain a bachelor’s degree for this major within a period of 5 academic years that is divided as follows:

4 academic years to obtain a bachelor’s degree, followed by one academic year for the student to obtain a master’s degree in English literature, and the student is entitled after that to continue to complete postgraduate studies.

In the first academic year, the student begins to study the outlines and main features of the various eras of English literature, and with the beginning of the next academic year the student begins to choose the major he / she desires, then the student completes his studies in this specialization along the same lines in the third year. The fourth year gets a bachelor’s degree, and when he reaches the fifth year he is entitled to enroll in a master’s degree, or he may be satisfied with a bachelor’s degree.

What are the scientific courses that are studied?

There are many fields of study of English literature in Britain, but these fields differ according to different universities, and they may differ in their names as well, but there is no doubt that these universities are keen to provide scientific content on English literature, and these fields are as follows:

Classical English Literature.

Middle English literature, including knowledge of English theater, as well as the Chaucer era.

Modern English literature with its poetry, drama, and Isabetian stories, as well as prose and Victorian literature, as well as prose on the return of the monarchy and pre-Romantic poets.

Twentieth century literature includes literature in the pre-World War I period and poetry of the interwar period, and literature close to the period after World War II.

What are the costs of studying English literature in Britain?


Tuition costs in literary majors can generally be estimated between $ 7700 – $ 10900

🥇 List of free online courses What is the career path for learners of English literature? 🙂

Graduates of this  List of free online courses specialization work in many jobs, the most important of which are free.

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