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🙂 Hosts file: View site without DNS List of free online courses 🥇

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : If you want to see a site that you are preparing on your server, without having a domain or if you are transferring the hosting of a site and you want to see if it plays properly in the new provider (before changing Nameservers), then the hosts file will help you .

⭐ Hosts file: View site without DNS List of free online courses ✅

With a change in the hosts file you connect a domain to an IP address, without the domain necessarily existing or while it normally points to another IP address.

Open the hosts file with a word processor (eg notepad), add the following two lines and save the file.

🤑  List of free online courses   Online backup – 3 free solutions! 🤓

If you want free internet space to upload and save your valuable files, here are three free online backup solutions .

 Online backup – 3 free solutions!


idrive backup

IDrive gives you 5GB of free space for  online backup – but it also has packages for 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 GB of space.

✨ Its main List of free online courses features are: 🔥 💥

Back up unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices to a single account.

IDrive automatically recognizes modified parts of a file / folder and saves them in real time, providing hands-free data backup.

Sync folders / disks between your PC and your iDrive account.

IDrive maintains and allows you to restore the last 30 copies of all files to your account.

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To access the backups of your data, you can log in through any browser.

Data is transmitted and stored using 256-bit AES encryption with a user-defined key.

Supplementary and compressed backups that significantly reduce network bandwidth usage.

Share your files / folders for easy collaboration with friends and colleagues.

Prediction for retrieving deleted files from the trash within 30 days.

Auto-Pause and continue backing up for optimal operation of applications on your PC when using it.

😂 ⌚  See more List of free online courses  features here . 🔥



A free   Microsoft online backup  service that gives you 25GB of free space , with access from any device to  with your Windows Live ID.

The service allows you to automatically save and synchronize between devices, all kinds of documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), photo collections, control over who can see your files.

You can also share Word, Excel documents, photo collections, send hundreds of photos via email etc.

You can download the Mesh application on your PC and there is also a mobile application .

🔥  Adrive List of free online courses 🔥

Last we have aDrive which provides  50GB of free space for your online backup  with the following features:

Access from any point that has an internet connection

You can share large files via email or istant messenger, creating a link to the file

You can upload / download entire folders and files up to 2GB each

Easy file search

Remote connection (from another site) and sending files to storage

Use international characters in filenames

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Edit documents in your Zoho® service

Do you have any other services to offer for free  online backup ? Leave your comment below!