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List of free online courses

List of free online courses : The .el domains are coming on. From July 10 at 11 a.m. The new Greek suffix domain .el (not .el) is activated  and brings with it new opportunities for those who want to be displayed online and target the Greek public.

Thus, the suffixes that mean Greek content on the internet List of free online courses increase and the .el is added as another option to the already existing domain suffixes , which if you choose for a domain with Greek characters (eg company.el) and the links to a website in Greek, you will have ensured the best user experience .

🤓  The distribution of .el domains will take place in 2  List of free online courses stages: ✅

For the first 3 months, only the owners of .gr domains List of free online courses will be able to register their respective (or * their homographs) registered domains at the end .el.

A n have registered e.g., the tobrandmou. gr, then you will have the exclusivity in activating the corresponding tobrandmou. el  (and / or tovrandmou.el) for the first 3 months.

🔥  Caution List of free online courses: 🤑

The registration of the respective .el domains must be done in the same owner details as the .gr domains, otherwise the registration process will List of free online courses not be completed.

.El can be activated by their owners, only through the same registrar and the same user account . If your domain is not in us, you can  transfer your domain to DNHOST  with 2 clicks, directly and for free.

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* Homograms are domains that have visual similarity although they contain different characters (eg and day .gr if you see them in capital letters, A homogeneous .gr domain can only be registered by the owner of the .gr domain in Latin characters. Table of homogeneous characters.

⭐ Special cases for the first 3 List of free online courses months: 💥

Homogeneous domains to different owners:

If 2 homogeneous domains belong to 2 different owners, then neither of them will be able to secure the corresponding .el for the first 3 months. If eg tobrandmou .gr is patented by X and tobrandmou .gr is patented by Ψ, then no one can patent tobrandmou.el and tobrandmou.el

Different owners for 2nd (.gr) and 3rd level  (, etc) :

Priority for the respective .el domain or its homograph has the owner of .gr for the first 3 months.

If you have, for example, tobrandmou .gr  and a third party has  tobrandmou , then you have priority for the first 3 months.

.Gr and 2 different owners available for third level :

There is no restriction here, if .gr is free, any of the other 2 can register the corresponding .el. Of course, register the .gr immediately to have both!

If, for example, tobrandmou .gr is free, you have tobrandmou while a third party has tobrandmou,  then whichever of the two wins , will get the corresponding .el or his homograph.

For all .el domains for which the same .gr domain is free, you can register the .el domain directly, without any restrictions for the 1st quarter.

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🔥 ⌚ 2nd Stage (after 11 a.m. on 10/10) List of free online courses:  ✨

After the first 3 months, those .el domains that are not registered will be free to be registered by anyone , without the above restrictions. So everyone who will be looking for a domain with a Greek suffix that is short, descriptive and relevant to their name or idea, will have at their disposal a new domain suffix!