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🙂 This way you will be able to create and implement the List of free online courses keyword strategy in the best way. 🥇

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : It will help you find really important search terms. List of free online courses. First: Brainstorm about the most relevant topics, List of free online courses.

First, ask yourself this question: What topics is your target audience interested in?

Or in other words, what are the topics that people are searching for that are

related to my site, my product, or the service that you provide?

🤓  Just think of what people write in Google to find what it has to List of free online courses offer. ✅

These topics are the basis of the keyword or keyword research process, List of free online courses.

These topics will define your niche and help you define your competitors.

Let’s take our site – Majnah – as an example.

Here are the main topics List of free online courses:

Digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Content creation

Create sites

Certificates and educational courses

leading businesses List of free online courses

Now create a table for each topic.

You can use this table that you previously prepared for the topic of digital marketing.

You can add or delete any column according to your needs, List of free online courses.

* Remember these are not the keywords but the topics.

In the next step, we will search for the keywords

Second: Use Wikipedia!

Wikipedia is a gold mine for keywords!

And almost the best free and keyword extraction site.

Enter the topic you want to search for and enjoy.

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A Wikipedia image to help with keyword research as Wikipedia is a keyword-searched mine List of free online courses, Wikipedia image for keyword search

🔥 You can extract keywords or derive some ideas from List of free online courses:  🤑

Index “Table of content for Wikipedia article”

Internal links “texts that contain a link”

The sidebar for the article page in Wikipedia

Gather these keywords and ideas and put them in the table you created earlier.

Third: Use Google Trends

Select the country you want to search for.

Put one of the most important topics in the search box,

enjoy the results!

I tested it using the word digital marketing and chose Saudi Arabia.

✨ See the results List of free online courses: 💥

An image that shows the results of Google Trends when choosing the word e-marketing and choosing Saudi Arabia as a country for search, where the results show the amount of search on some phrases that we can use as keywords.

Google Trends results

These are all keywords! Very nice List of free online courses

if your site and your publications in English . You can also use the tool exploding topics distinctive

and similar device which Google Trends

where you monitor the most common topics and the extent of her fame

and telling them to use.

Fourth: Relevant results in search engines

Another great way to find and retrieve keywords List of free online courses

is to review the “Related Searches” section at the bottom of Google search results.

For example, suppose one of your topics was “car.”

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An example taken from the bottom of Google results pages to illustrate relevant search results

🔥  Relevant search results List of free online courses 😂 ⌚⭐

Use these words in your posts for higher visibility!

Fifth: Use Reddit!

Go to the  reddit site and in the search field enter the subject

or use one of the keywords you found.

My advice: List of free online courses Try to dig deeper into minor topics and comments.

You will find Alibaba’s treasures of keywords there.