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🙂 Facebook scandal, personal data and List of free online courses 🥇

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List of free online courses : The leak of the personal data of millions of Facebook users from Cambridge Analytica in order to influence the election result in America has been in the spotlight lately. According to an announcement made by Facebook yesterday (April 4) , the consulting company Cambridge may have access to the data of 87 million and not only 50 million users as was the previous announcement. Then we will see how the leak of personal data, the response of the Facebook owner and the measures he is going to take in view of the new European GDPR regulation .

🤓 The leakage of personal data in a nutshell List of free online courses ✅

It all started in 2014 with a Facebook application created by academician Alexander Kogan called “thisisyourdigitallife” through Global Science Research (GSR), where in collaboration with Cambridge Analytica invited users to take a personality test, his data which would be used for academic research.

In fact, this application gathered the information of the friends of those who participated in the personality test. Thus, managing to convince 270 thousand users to use the application, it managed to access the data of 87 million Facebook users. Academician Kogan then sold the data to Cambridge Analytica in violation of Facebook’s terms of use (for non-commercial use of the data).

Cambridge Analytica, in turn, said in an interview with the Guardian that Christopher Willie (who worked at Cambridge University) used personal data for personalized political ads.

🔥 Mark Zuckerberg ‘s post List of free online courses 🤑

Zuckerberg admitted that the personal data of millions of users were exposed to third parties and that he is ultimately responsible for everything List of free online courses that happens on the social network. He added that after investigating all the applications that had access to a large volume of personal data in 2014, he will bring to light the developers who had suspicious activity and maliciously used Facebook data.

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As for Facebook ‘s future data protection plans , Zuckerberg said he would further restrict applications ‘access to users’ personal data. He added that in the coming months he will create a simplified tool that will allow each user to recall and manage applications’ access to their data.

💥Facebook in view of the  List of free online courses  ✨

According to the official Facebook page for the GPDR  (General Data Protection Regulation), the procedures for the construction of a new privacy center have already begun, which will include all the basic settings and privacy options imposed by the GPDD . The  CEO of Facebook said in her speech  about the new privacy center:

The new privacy center will be a very good basis to meet all the List of free online courses requirements of the GDPR and push businesses to continue investing in products and training tools to protect privacy. SHERYL SANDBERG, FACEBOOK COO

As part of the privacy promotion, Facebook has also started promoting a series of short instructional videos on news feeds that show users:

How to permanently delete their old posts. List of free online courses

What happens to user information when deleting an account.

How to manage the data used by Facebook ads.