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🙂 PREPARE YOUR SITE & BUSINESS FOR HOLIDAYS List of free online courses 🥇

List of free online courses

List of free online courses  : We are already in the middle of summer and it is time for the summer holidays with the moments of relaxation and carefreeness that you have been waiting for so long.

With this article we will help you automate the communication with your audience and maintain control of your website from anywhere in Greece wherever you are.

Automation & Applications for your website List of free online courses

So open your laptop & smartphone, charge your power bank and easily and quickly prepare the automations and apps that will solve your hands… make even more simple!     

🤓  WEBMAIL ON YOUR SMARTPHONE List of free online courses ✅

Receive email notification on smartphome

If not to receive your email on your smartphone you , it’s time to do it in order not to have to carry everywhere your laptop. Instructions for Receiving Email on Android Instructions for Receiving Email on iOS (iPhone) Also, all the applications we recommend have email notifications so that you can only check your inbox and not have to visit many different websites. If it helps you to check your emails from an external email service (gmail, outlook), you can see the necessary settings here .

🔥  INFORMATION BANNERS ON SITE & SOCIAL MEDIA List of free online courses 🤑

Your audience should be informed about the period of absence or change of operation of your site or business from all communication channels. Design a summer banner and mention in it all the information you want to share with the visitors of the site and your social media accounts. We recommend Canva or Crello because they have a free version and you can find hundreds of free well-designed art designs and banners .

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 Try List of free online courses to talk about your accomplishments as more than just introducing what you do and what! 🙂

Just link to your Google Account or create a new account and type the word <<Summer>> in the search field or whatever fits the banner you’ve been thinking of, to see and use visual ideas based on the keywords you search for each time .

After completing the banner editing, upload it to the slider or to a section at the top of your site homepage . In your social media accounts you have the option to create a post, but do not forget that for a while you can also change the cover photo to facebook, linkedin and twitter account.

Do not miss the opportunity to add to the banner the logo of your business or organization to allow your brand to come closer to the summer mood of your audience.

💥 CHATBOT ON YOUR SITE ManyChat Control Panel List of free online courses ✨

The bots chat is extremely popular because you get an assistant to the site you working 24/7, allowing you to immediately respond to the questions your visitors and continue to communicate with them whenever you wish.

During the holidays it will help you to inform your audience about when their requests will be served. Once you are familiar with its operation, you will be able to make the necessary settings to automatically answer a series of frequently asked questions.