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Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : Accredited short courses online What are the functions of human resources management is the question that is asked by people trying to get to know human resources management and everything related to it, so that it can determine the importance of this area for companies and employees, the human resource management expresses the administrators who work within the organization to direct its workers according to a group Of the foundations and standards in this regard, with the aim of increasing work efficiency and enhancing the capabilities of workers in performing work. Before answering the question that preoccupies many people what are the functions of human resources management, the concept of human resource management must be recognized.

✅  Accredited short courses online What is the concept of human resource management? 🙂

It is a concept Accredited short courses online called managing the workforce in a single organization, and their tasks include attracting highly qualified and experienced employees, training, evaluation, reward, and follow-up to ensure the implementation of all work regulations and laws in the organization. One of the strategies that greatly contribute to raising their performance and motivating them to work with the highest quality

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The Human Resources Accredited short courses online Department is concerned with all matters that help raise the performance of employees within the company or organization in order to be in line with the role of each worker within the organization, as it is concerned with developing the skills and capabilities of employees, and motivating them to reach the highest level of competence, and also following up work to ensure the commitment of each employee The foundations of the company, we find it is concerned with managing employees in the various stages, starting from employment within the company and ending with retirement, and the following is the ideal answer about what are the functions of human resources management:

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1- Managing employee relations

The employee represents the main pillar of any organization or company, the human resources department is keen on the employee’s relationship with others by working to consolidate employee relations with each other, and this can be relied upon on various activities that contribute greatly to identifying the personal and professional side of the employee. Which works to enhance good employee relations, which is the way to reach the organization to the highest levels of success.

2- Hiring and selecting workers

The recruitment process is the selection of the employees who have been nominated and who possess the qualifications for the chosen job, and the selection is made according to a set of objective criteria specific to each job, which helps to attract qualified employees and alert unqualified employees to avoid applying to the job due to lack of experience, and this job works on Reducing the costs resulting from mistakes, such as hiring an unqualified employee, who is dismissed for not being fit for the job and replaced with a new employee.

3- Providing good working conditions

Maintaining good working conditions for employees is one of the important functions of human resources management, as it is necessary to create a suitable work environment that provides the employee with comfort when carrying out his work, including motivating employees to enhance their desires to participate in achieving the goals of the company. Physical motivation, this helps in obtaining employee satisfaction towards his job and the organization.

4- Continuing to improve and develop performance through training

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The Human Resources Department is concerned with training and developing all employees in the organization, as these jobs represent great importance to the future of the organization as a whole, and this is done by training employees to enhance their capabilities and skills in the specific field of work with the aim of improving current and future performance to ensure outstanding performance.

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Orientation is one of the steps that helps new employees to adapt and relate to the new job or the organization as a whole, and the human resources department depends on guidance on a customized program that includes the goals of the organization and the role of each employee in achieving these goals and bringing them into reality.