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🙂 Fourth, add a section on related topics or articles Accredited short courses online 🥇

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : At the end of every article or Accredited short courses online page add related articles or pages to make it easier for users and search engines.

 🤓 The most important advice about internal links Accredited short courses online ✅

Transfer of authority through the pages of the site

Linking High Authority Pages to Low Authority Pages, How?

Answer: Use this free tool from MOZ to find out the degree of authority of your pages

MOZ tool to find internal links Accredited short courses online

Use Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can find out the word ranking on your site, link the new pages to the pages that are ranked high!

Log in to Google Analytics

From the main menu select the Acquisition tab.

Choose Search Console

Search requests

Sort the words according to the average position of the ad

Google Analytics Accredited short courses online

Disclaimer Be sure to link to the site

With the webmaster tool to 

get this report.

Use the SEMRush tool

You can use the SEMRush tool to help you with:

Internal linking

Know the most important pages

Find broken links

Repair broken internal links

And many things related to SEO

Make the description of the internal link clear

Stay away from using words such as (read more, or from this link) try to use clear words and phrases that correctly guide the user about what he will see when clicking on the internal link

🔥  Do not use the same description for different links Accredited short courses online 🤑

Use more than one description for the same page link

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Swedish Government Scholarships Accredited short courses online 🥇

Do not use the same sentence over and over for the same page link. Try to use more than one description with the same meaning, for example for the article “SEO for Beginners Guide” in our article, we use these descriptions:

SEO guide

The complete SEO guide

The full SEO article

Learn SEO

Create internal links manually

I always advise clients who use WordPress to stay away from plugins that create or create internal links automatically, especially for the Arabic language, as it is very harmful and it is possible that you create internal links that are never connected.

Finally, don’t be too much!

It is important to use internal links on pages, but try to keep less than 100 links or internal links per page or article.

✨  Google Kuwait indicators for the word Mother’s Day Accredited short courses online  💥

You can see that the search query “ Mother’s Day ” is most common in Kuwait in March, which is the month of Mother’s Day in Kuwait.

So if your business relies on a season like this, you have a gift store or a flower shop, you can see when users start searching for that phrase by analyzing search queries in Google Trends.

You can take advantage of that by preparing suitable content for them and publishing it before this period, or starting a campaign to create and improve search engines before this period through backlinks , internal links, etc. to ensure that you appear in the first results on the search engine pages .

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Suppose you want to search using Google Trends Egypt for the word ( Bayern Munich ) because you have a sports blog and you want to create content about this team, Google Trends will present you through this feature two types of related search words:

Related search queries are escalating Accredited short courses online

 This metric shows the search terms with the highest search rate since the last time period

 This metric displays the most popular search terms and results are calculated with a relative scale, where the value 100 represents the most popular search term, while the value 50 searched terms represents half the search rate for Accredited short courses online  the most popular term, as the value of the term is directly related to the search rate for it.