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🥇 Types of tweets Accredited short courses online 🙂

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : A simple tweet is a simple statement without the use of an or #. Usually used to provide an update, news item or statement. Regular tweets are nice, but by making them a habit, you will lose the connection of your tweet with related topics or with people who also use # @. simple-tweet

🤓  Accredited short courses online Direct Message ✅

Let’s say that John wants to send a message to Renia and he does not want anyone else to see this message, that is, to be a personal message. John can send this message, sending an instant message.

There are two ways to send an instant message. The first is to connect to Twitter and type an instant message in the Tweet area. Start the tweet with a “d” then add the other person’s nickname (without putting an @ in front of the name) and then enter your message. The message must be up to 140 characters long.


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The second way to send an instant message is to click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner of Twitter. Just below the main area, you will see an option for Direct messages. Click there and you will be taken to an area to send your instant messages.

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Direct messaging is a useful way to communicate with another person. You should follow this person, and this in turn should follow you to send or receive an instant message. The user will receive an email as soon as you send them an instant message. The person is more likely to respond because they know your message will be short (140 characters or less) and their response will also be short.

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3. Reply or Message

To reply or send a tweet to a specific person, Twitter has a function for this type of communication. Let’s say that Giannis wants to send a message to Renia and only wants a specific group of people to see this message. John can send a message to Renia. Similarly, Renia could respond to John’s original message. If Giannis and Renia start the tweets with the “@name,” then their tweets will be visible only to these two and to any user who follows Giannis and Renia at the same time.

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To send a reply to a tweet that someone has addressed to you, simply click on “Reply” below a tweet and Twitter will automatically start the tweet with “@username” to the user who sent you the tweet.

References or Mentions

In this scenario, John wants to send a message to Renia and wants everyone on the Twitter universe to have access to this tweet. The followers / friends or whatever you want to call them (followers) of Giannis will see his tweet and Renia will be notified  via e-mail  about this tweet. It is very likely that Renia will then retweet Giannis’ tweet on her fan list.

Reports are a great way to promote or congratulate someone through Twitter, because that way a lot of people will see the tweet. It is also used when we know that a particular person will be interested and enjoy an article or information, but that the rest of our followers will also benefit from the article.

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