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🥇 Use the Affiliate Marketing Method Accredited short courses online 🙂

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : Yes, you can create Accredited short courses online a blogger blog and profit from it, so once you create, operate and publish your blog, you can (finally!) Start looking for ways to make a profit, here are the most important of them:

Add banners to your blog by linking to Adsense Accredited short courses online

Contact brands to write sponsored content

Sell ​​products related to your blog’s content

Create a weekly newsletter and sell spaces inside the newsletter to companies

Freelance work with agencies as a content writer

Selling courses and workshops online

The main key to earning money and profit from Blogger Blog is patience and perseverance. Creating a blog on blogger or other than Blogger and profit from it is just like starting a company, like starting a small business! Where it takes persistence, hard work and a lot of patience to reach your goals and make money from blogging in general and profit from blogger blogs in particular.

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Create Blogger Blog for Search Engines Accredited short courses online

When it comes to SEO, you should follow the most important SEO strategies, which I can summarize as follows:

External page optimization (also known as backlinks)

Internal improvement

Action Keyword Search

Technical improvement

Content quality and how content is created

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course there are some differences when configuring Blogger blog for search engines and the reason for this is that Blogger as a basic system that helps and contributes to preparing your blog for search engines, here are the most important things that must be taken into account:

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🤓 First, make sure the blog is visible to search engines Accredited short courses online ✅

Make sure that your blog is visible to search engines and that the button (Allow search engines to find your blog) is active in order to help publish your Blogger blog in search engines, you will find this button in the settings menu in Blogger as shown in the image below

Allow search engines to see your blog on Blogger

Second, connectivity with the webmaster tool

Also, from the settings menu, and after scrolling to the bottom, you will find the crawlers and indexing programs box, choose the Google Webmaster Tool ( Google Search Console ), and make sure to link your blog and define it for Google there.

🔥 Linking with a webmaster tool in Blogger Accredited short courses online  🤑

Third, planning and organizing content on the page level

Create attractive, valuable and arranged content in the right way, in addition to smartly embedding keywords on the page and using headings and title tags in the right way according to the importance of these titles (H1, H2, H3, H4)

Fourth, determining the classifications

Use labels when creating posts to segment your blog content more organized

Fifth, the use of meta tags

Through the settings menu, you will find the meta tags box, make sure that this box is activated, and add a search description for the blog in general and for posts and posts in particular.

Meta tags in Blogger Blog

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After activation, you will see the search description option within the blog post creation interface.

Sixth, improving images

Image optimization is ignored by many bloggers and this is a common mistake unfortunately, in order for robots to crawl and understand the content of images you need to optimize images.

✨ You can improve images in Blogger blog by Accredited short courses online :  💥  

Reduce the size of the images you want to upload

Add alt text and title to the image This extension will provide a description for the image.

The alternative text will provide a description of the image. To activate this, select the image that you downloaded, then choose the properties icon, and then write the alt text and the title description for the image.

Enable alternative text for images in Blogger blog

Seventh, improve the title link for the posts

Go to the website summary section in the settings menu, and then make sure to activate the links options in the posts editor, as shown below in the picture.

Now you can change the name of the URL, include the keywords inside the link for better results.