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🙂 6 Christmas ideas for your website Accredited short courses online 🥇

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online  : Christmas is just around the corner and everything is festively decorated. So we give you 6 ideas to customize your website and create a pleasant festive atmosphere!

1. Christmas graphics and wishes Accredited short courses online

Welcome the visitors of your website with festive graphics which will be accompanied by Christmas wishes. For example a pop-up with Christmas design and wishes for a Merry Christmas.

2. Christmas logo and slogan

Add a Christmas “mood” to your logo by using a royal hat, a reindeer or a few snowflakes. Also, you can combine some festive words or expressions in your corporate slogan. Be careful not to overdo it and negatively affect your corporate identity.

3. Christmas slider or hero image

If you already have a slider on your homepage, which alternates photos of your products and services, how much easier than adapting to it Christmas decorations and wishes. You can do the same in case your website has a hero image, enrich it or change the existing one with a Christmas photo.

4. Christmas graphics in the corners of the website

Your choices here are many. You could add a small Christmas tree, Christmas lights, reindeer, mistletoe, etc. in the lower right or left corner of the web page which will remain fixed (sticky) when the visitor browses the web page.

5. Christmas offers

Create a landing page, in which you will present the Christmas offers of your products or services and then link it with a call-to-action button from your home page.

6. Let it snow! Let it snow!

A fairly common way to add a Christmas mood to your website is the “digital snowfall” used by many websites during the holiday season. The “digital snowfall” should be beautiful, pleasant and discreet to your visitors.

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* Tip

Do not overdo it! The above additions should not negatively affect the user experience of the user, the functionality and the speed of your website.

🤓  9 Solutions for Free File Backup 5 simple steps for SSL Accredited short courses online ✅

Does issuing and installing an SSL seem like a mountain to you? But it is not! In this guide we explain the process to have a secure website in 5 simple steps that does not take more than 10 minutes .

🤑   Start by selecting the appropriate SSL Accredited short courses online 🔥

To issue and activate an SSL Certificate in your domain, select and order an SSL from our site, which suits your needs:

if it is a simple site / blog choose a DV SSL ,

if it is a school or public organization we recommend OV SSL  ,

while for e-shops , banks , large public sites or large companies an EV SSL .

If you want us to undertake the issuance and installation of SSL, select the ” SSL installation service by a DNHOST technician “, otherwise, after completing and paying for   Accredited short courses online

✨  Accredited short courses online  your order, follow the steps below 🔥 💥

1. Create CSR

Log in to your hosting management (Plesk or cPanel) and:

create the email (or one of the: administrator, hostmaster, webmaster), where the confirmation email will be sent for the validation of your domain.

create the CSR for your SSL version according to these instructions:  Create CSR in Plesk 11,  Create CSR in Plesk 12.5  , Create CSR in cPanel 11 .

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2. CSR registration & other data

Log in to , select your SSL order and click on ” SSL Version “. Enter your CSR (field ” CSR Registration “), select ” Confirm by Email “, the type of server (” Plesk ” etc or “Other”), select the email to confirm the ownership of your domain (which made in step 2) and click on ” SSL Version “.

3. Domain validation

Immediately after you will receive the confirmation email and after clicking on the link it contains, your SSL will be issued and you will receive a new email with the SSL files (or download it from your SSL page  -> ” Receive Certificate “).

4. Installing SSL

Install SSL on your domain according to these instructions:  Install SSL on Plesk 11 ,  Install SSL on Plesk 12.5 ,  Install SSL on cPanel 11 .