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✨ Free Online Courses Marketing, “Open Education” 💥

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  :  The course was developed by the staff of the Higher School of Economics Free Online Courses. Teachers will tell you about marketing research and how to conduct it, teach you how to develop a marketing plan, segment the market and choose a target audience. Students will learn about modern marketing concepts and learn how to put them into practice. The course also covers consumer behavior and analysis methods. Free Online Courses

9. Application Marketing, Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  There is no business without clients. Marketing helps you understand potential users and focus on their needs. The course helps to organize a strategy for identifying the ideal user, find ways to connect with him and build communication. In the course, educators from Google talk about research, planning, building and developing a user base.

 🔥    How To Create Infectious Content, Coursera Free Online Courses 🤑

Some items are gaining popularity while others are not. What’s at the heart of viral marketing? The course explains how to apply these ideas to product and brand development. The audience will learn how to harness the power of social networks to increase the company’s influence. Free Online Courses  An instructor at the University of Pennsylvania explains how to create viral content that gets talked about on social media. Free Online Courses

11. Marketing in the Digital World, Coursera Free Online Courses

The course talks about the marketing revolution that has come about thanks to the advent of 3D printing, the internet and mobile gadgets. Free Online Courses  Trainers will discuss how digital tools help customers take an active role in the design and branding of the products they consume. And also in an advertising campaign and in determining the price of goods. Free Online Courses

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Free Online Courses This scholarship covers the following: 🥇

12. Seven Steps of Content Marketing, Free Online Courses

Basic course in content marketing. A great start for anyone taking their first steps in mastering how to use content to promote their business. The course lays out all work with content in 7 lessons. Free Online Courses

🤓  Things to do while self-isolating: 50+ free online courses in marketing, programming, finance, business Free Online Courses ✅

While tourism, catering and the event industry are losing money and preparing for the worst due to the coronavirus, the online education market is intensifying. Because many people around the world: Free Online Courses

Sits at home and starts studying online because it is time consuming, boring or just curious. Free Online Courses

Goes to remote work, is interested in this format or is already looking for a suitable job.

To establish themselves and attract as many new users and potential customers as possible, many educational projects choose situational marketing in conjunction with a lead magnet. That is, they provide free access to some online courses linked to this whole unpleasant situation around the coronavirus. Free Online Courses

We have collected the most interesting proposals for Internet marketing, programming, finance and business. Free Online Courses

🙂  Free during quarantine Free Online Courses 🥇

“Python for Data Analysis” from SkillFactory. An online course in one of the most popular programming languages ​​has become free during the quarantine period. For 0 rub. you get access to webinars, simulator, communication in Slack. Here they teach how to quickly process large files and create reports, automate data collection, work with parsing and API. Experts from the Higher School of Economics, Yandex.Market, CoMagic, Avito and others teach. Free Online Courses

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 Free Online Courses Tutorials for Beginner Bloggers: Free Instructional Videos 🙂

Free Online Courses  Designer on Tilda by Contented. A two-month hands-on course on creating websites and launching projects without designers or developers. As in the previous case, access is open without a specific deadline, just for the duration of quarantine. The program includes an analysis of Tilda’s functionality, training in secrets and tricks, as well as learning on real projects. Format: weekly video tutorials, doing homework, participating in webinars, chatting.

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