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🥇 50 free online courses in Russian Free Online Courses 🙂

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  : Autumn is the time to study. Even if you don’t have much time, there is a way out. Free Online Courses  We have selected several interesting and, most importantly, free online courses in Russian in philosophy, culture, journalism, physics, design and psychology, which you can take right now. Free Online Courses  This is a great way to master a new subject, fill in knowledge gaps, or just make the most of your time. We open notebooks, write down the number and turn on the laptops. Free Online Courses

🤓  Philosophy Free Online Courses ✅

Philosophy. We understand what philosophy is as a way of cognition and spiritual mastery of the world. Free Online Courses

Fundamentals of Philosophy: What Philosophers Argue About Today. We get acquainted with the main problems of classical and modern philosophy.

Philosophical concepts of science and technology. The course tells about the current state of science in unity with history. Free Online Courses

Culture and art Free Online Courses

Culturology: Vitaly Kurenniy’s online course. We study modern culture and talk about cultural phenomena that surround us today.

West and East: History of Cultures. The whole world in 20 lectures: from Chinese poetry to the French Revolution. Free Online Courses

What is antiquity. Everything you need to know about Ancient Greece and Rome in two short videos and seven lectures. Free Online Courses

Film history. Free Online Courses  Using the examples of the works of famous directors, we get acquainted with the history of the formation of domestic cinema. Free Online Courses

Read your city. We learn to read cities, explore their hypertext space, look for something unique on our street and talk about it. Free Online Courses

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Literature Free Online Courses

Petersburg bridges. We get acquainted with different approaches to text analysis that will help you find your own reading of the classics. Free Online Courses

Leo Tolstoy is against everyone. Audio lectures about the life and death of the great Russian writer, as well as his funny expressions, wise thoughts, personal belongings and a test for literary flair. Free Online Courses

All Shakespeare. Lectures by theater expert Alexei Bartoshevich and everything else you need to know about Shakespeare’s theater, its era, spectators and heroes.

🔥  Philology and journalism Free Online Courses 🤑

Russian language as a tool for successful communication. A universal course for everyone: in Russian universities, economists, lawyers, psychologists, biologists, computer scientists, historians, and athletes attend it every year. Free Online Courses

Total dictation. Getting ready to write the Total Dictation. A course for everyone who wants to improve their literacy, talk about spelling and punctuation, complete practical exercises and write a mini-dictation. Free Online Courses

Scientific communication. We learn to write about science brightly, clearly and competently. We figure out how journalists find out about scientific results and in what formats they tell about them.

✨ Live processes of Russian colloquial speech. We get acquainted with the specifics of oral speech. Free Online Courses 💥  

The language of modern journalism. We learn to understand written and oral journalistic text, extract and interpret information from it.

Many, many video lectures on philology. Video lectures of the Higher School of Economics: ancient and modern mythology, ancient Russian literature, rhetoric, writers of the 19th century, the Soviet period and much more. Free Online Courses

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History Free Online Courses

How to make up your own story. Lectures by Alexander Ospovat on how Russia came up with its own national myth. And also the stories of historians about the myths of other peoples, the history of famous quotes about Russia and 10 things about the reign of Nicholas I. Free Online Courses

The cycle of Igor Danilevsky “History of Russia”. We dive into the history of Ancient Rus: the first princes, Genghis Khan and descendants, Ivan the Terrible, Minin and Pozharsky, Grigory Rasputin. We understand to understand the history of the country. Free Online Courses

Russia and America: a history of relations. Lectures by Professor of the European University Ivan Kurilla on why the two countries love and hate each other, as well as a brief history of America in seven periods and the political compass of the founding fathers of the United States. Free Online Courses

Historical anthropology. What is historical anthropology and why it is so interesting to study it. Free Online Courses.