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✅ Free Online Courses What are the most popular scholarships available for the majors of medicine? ✅

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Free Online Courses  : The major of medicine was and still is one of the most prestigious Free Online Courses majors that many high school students dream of studying. However, the high costs of studying this specialization stand as a barrier without the realization of this dream for many. Free Online Courses

Opportunity specialties guide Free Online Courses

Whether you want to Free Online Courses  enroll in a public or private university, and whether you decide to study in your country or abroad, the fees to enroll in medical school are high, and you may often have to resort to student loans in order to cover these costs, which increases the financial and psychological burden on you. Free Online Courses

Fortunately, another option students can turn to is obtaining a scholarship to study medicine. Although there are few scholarships available for medical specialties compared to other majors, they are not non-existent.

In today’s article, we have compiled a list of 10 most popular scholarships available for medicine majors around the world. Free Online Courses

🔥  1- Ibn Sina Medical Scholarships in Turkey Free Online Courses 🔥

Free Online Courses  Avicenna Scholarship

Ibn Sina Medical Scholarships is administered by the Free Online Courses Turkish government. It is available for students coming from developing countries and wishing to study medical specialties in Turkey, whether in bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees.

🔥  Free Online Courses As for the majors covered by the scholarship, they are as follows: 😂

Free Online Courses  dentist.

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Free Online Courses This scholarship covers the following: 🥇

the pharmacy.


Veterinary Medicine.

Grant benefits

✨ I Free Online Courses  bn Sina Medical Scholarships are fully funded scholarships that cover the following costs: 💥 

Free Online Courses  Tuition and registration fees.

Housing and accomodation.

A monthly living allowance. Free Online Courses

health insurance.

Transportation allowance.

Turkish language course. Free Online Courses

For more details about these scholarships, you can view the Turkish government scholarship official website. Free Online Courses

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🔥 2- STRC Research Fellowships for Visiting Scientists in Turkey Free Online Courses 🤑

TÜBİTAK Free Online Courses, The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), otherwise known as STRC, offers a set of fellowships for international researchers in the following fields: Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  Medical Sciences.

Natural Sciences.



Agricultural Sciences. Free Online Courses

social science.

Humanities. Free Online Courses

Through these fellowships, the council enables researchers to give lectures and participate in various conferences and workshops in Turkey. Free Online Courses

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🤓 Benefits of fellowship Free Online Courses ✅

Free Online Courses  The STRC Research Fellowships cover the following costs:

A monthly allowance of 3000 dollars for researchers, and 3500 dollars for researchers on sabbatical leave. Free Online Courses Free Online Courses

Round trip travel costs.

Health insurance for the duration of the fellowship.

You can learn more about the eligibility criteria and the method of applying by visiting the official website of the Council of Scientific and Technical Research in Turkey. Free Online Courses

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🙂  3- ACLS Essay Competition for Healthcare Students Free Online Courses 🥇

Pacific Medical Training Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  This competition mainly takes place in the United States of America, but students entering healthcare programs in developing countries are eligible to participate as well.

The conditions for the competition are simple. You only need to write an essay in English about emergency health care or Free Online Courses in English: “Emergency Medical Care”. If you win first place, you will receive a prize of $ 1,000 to cover part of your medical studies costs.

For more information about this competition, you can view the official website: Pacific Medical Training. Free Online Courses