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🥇 Free Online Courses Tutorials for Beginner Bloggers: Free Instructional Videos 🙂

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses : People love to share information. Free Online Courses  A hundred years ago it was Sunday gatherings, today blogging is the favorite. Promotion of a small business or a desire to share a hobby – each of the directions finds its target audience. The most popular blogs are now on YouTube and Instagram, but quality text content is still popular, especially if it is complemented by unique photos and videos. Free Online Courses

🔥 Free Online Courses  ALL ONLINE COURSES have selected the best video blogging lessons for beginners to help you create and run a blog on any platform, including a standalone site. 🤑

Free Online Courses  A step-by-step lesson on creating a blog on a separate site without professional knowledge and skills.  Free Online Courses After watching the video, a novice blogger will be able to independently design the site header, including loading sliders on the first screen, create an individual menu and the required number of pages, insert a newsletter subscription form, write and correctly design the first posts.

Basic blogging rules Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses The video will provide information about the main criteria for a successful blog, the behavioral characteristics of visitors taken into account by search engines, programs that are convenient to use for analyzing activity on text sites and YouTube. The viewer will learn how to improve the behavior of blog visitors by creating quality content, where to look for ideas for articles and videos. Free Online Courses  The lesson is focused on commercial resources, but ordinary bloggers will also find a lot of useful information, since the promotion algorithm is the same for everyone. Free Online Courses

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Free Online Courses Check out the comprehensive specializations guide on the FORSA website 🥇

Successful Instagram blog Free Online Courses

How to create and promote an Instagram blog from scratch? Free Online Courses Nastya Glazunova is an instablogger who, in practice, went through all the steps that are discussed in the video and achieved success. Nastya will talk about choosing a theme, creating visual and textual content, designing a profile, and basic steps in promoting an account. Free Online Courses

Rapid photo enhancement in Photoshop Free Online Courses

✨    A blog (not only on Instagram) Free Online Courses  needs high-quality visual content, photos first.  💥 

The video tutorial provides basic photo editing tools that are suitable for any shot. Correcting light and sharpening, highlighting foreground objects, darkening the background, creating a golden skin tone, sharpening the picture – versatile effects that enhance any photo.

Getting started with YouTube Free Online Courses

Are you planning not only to shoot videos about your hobbies, but to create a full-fledged channel with professional video content? Vitaly Glovanov, the creator and producer of the Internet show This is, will tell you where to start a video blog, what mistakes to avoid, how important is consistency in publications, how to determine the topic and by what criteria to assemble a team for work. Free Online Courses

🤓  Creating a YouTube video blog Free Online Courses ✅

A step-by-step guide to creating a YouTube channel. The author explains in detail and shows an example of the algorithm of actions, starting with the registration of a Google account. Free Online Courses  After watching the video tutorial, a beginner will be able to log in to the YouTube control panel, create his first channel and make basic settings, preparing him for uploading a video. Free Online Courses

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High-quality video to your phone Free Online Courses

A lesson from the “Blogger’s School” will teach you how to use the capabilities of the phone to 100%, shooting and editing high-quality videos without a computer. The viewer will learn all about properly fixing the phone, getting a clear video sequence, cleaning the lens, blurring the background, creating the right exposure, programs for professional video shooting, phone memory features and other tricks. Free Online Courses