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🥇 Compatibility with Browsers & Devices Online English courses with certificate 🙂

Online English courses with certificate : Unfortunately, free SSL has limited compatibility with many devices, browsers, and operating systems, and especially with older systems (which are still widely used).

So there is a case for a longer or shorter period of time your site appears as ” Unsafe or Dangerous “, in a browser or device used by your visitors, with a negative impact on their trust in your site. A recent example was Lets Encrypt last year announcing that compatibility with about 30% of Android users would be discontinued! Branded SSLs, on the other hand, have specialized technical departments that ensure the smooth operation of encryption protocols across all browsers and devices / operating systems.

🤓  Unsuitable for E-shop, Organizations & Public Online English courses with certificate  ✅

All of the above disadvantages make free ssl completely unsuitable for use on e-commerce websites or reputable organizations and institutions. Users who will need to provide their personal information and credit card details when registering and transacting, want to be in an online environment that is completely safe for them.

Showing “Unsafe” or “Dangerous” site will immediately discourage any interaction with the site and will likely cause them to distrust it again in the future.

Absence of Warranty

Unfortunately, the rule of “What you pay you get” applies and in the case of free SSL you pay nothing. In any case, for any damage or problematic operation of SSL that may seriously affect your site, business or customers, no guarantee or compensation is provided .

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It also encrypts Phishing Sites

Many phishing sites use free SSL.

Phishing is an illegal technique of intercepting personal data, passwords and credit card details that is done by using sites that look like the official sites or e-shops of companies, banks, etc. The zero cost and uncontrolled issuance of free SSL has allowed many scams their use so that the site appears as safe and “reliable” in browsers. As a result , suspicious visitors or phishing victims may find your site dangerous if they find that it has free SSL.

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Advantages of SSL Brands

Immediate Support

SSL version and installation support

All branded SSL issuers have specialized support and technical support departments for their SSLs that ensure their smooth operation. They will guide you in a timely and professional manner throughout the process of authentication and issuance of the SSL security certificate. Also, in case any problem arises, they will be there to solve it immediately and to tell you in detail all the necessary actions that must be taken to secure the data of your site and e-shop.

✨  Duration of Protection Online English courses with certificate 💥

Depending on the needs of your website and the budget you have, you can choose the duration of the SSL certificate that will protect its data. You will need to update your SSL once a year and at DNHOST you can do it completely free of charge through your account. In any case, you will be sure that for a year the links on your site are encrypted and you will not need to re-issue and install free SSL every quarter.

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