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🥇 Serious security vulnerability in Joomla Online English courses with certificate 🔥

Online English courses with certificate

Online English courses with certificate  : If you have a Joomla site, pay close attention here and immediately upgrade your Joomla to its latest version!

The Joomla security team has just released a new version of Joomla, which fixes   a serious security flaw in its code and affects every version of Joomla, from 1.5 to 3.4!

The error allows remote code execution, can be easily exploited and there are already reports of such attacks. If you have Joomla 3.x, upgrade  immediately.

If you are using (still?) The old (and unsupported) versions 1.5.x and 2.5.x, you need to go through the fixes here .  This article  from OSTraining explains how to go through the fixes.

At DNHOST we have already taken care to protect our servers from this threat with combined measures for even more secure Joomla web hosting !

✅  Many Irregularities from Domain Names Registers Online English courses with certificate 🙂

The E.K.POI.ZO (Consumer Association for Quality of Life), published the (very interesting) results of the survey conducted for the Greek registers domain names and identified numerous violations and unfair competition tactics.

The results of the research of  EKPOIZO (an independent NGO for consumer rights), unfortunately are not very positive and were notified to the competent Supervisory Authority (the National Telecommunications & Post Commission / EETT), which was called to control, as required, the industry and enforce legality, in order to eliminate all unfair and misleading practices of various companies.

🤑  Consumers who want to buy a Online English courses with certificate  domain name should be careful when comparing prices between different companies: 🤓

They need to know if the domain name they are buying is annual or biennial (the .GR domain is biennial and in dnhost, this is mentioned everywhere, even in its ads).

They must always calculate the final cost of adding VAT (dnhost has the option to display prices with and without VAT).

They do not have to pay extra charges for which they are unsure of the service they are receiving.

The prices of the products / services must be final, that is, including VAT (in dnhost there is the option to display prices with and without VAT).

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 What is a natural link Online English courses with certificate? 🥇

Default charges are not allowed, where the consumer will have to “unlock” the additional service or product.

Charges for using a credit card or shipping costs should be clearly visible in the shopping cart before ordering.

We note that DNHOST since 2004 faithfully applies the regulations of EETT on .GR Domain Naming and does not follow unfair competition tactics.

🔥  The following is the full research Online English courses with certificate  of EKPOIZO: 💥

Domain Names Registers in Greece

Research of EKPOIZO

EKPOIZO: Consumers Association for the “Quality of Life”

Season : February – March 2015

Field : Four hundred and forty four (444) domain name registrars, as they are listed in the relevant Register, which is kept on the website of the National Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT).

Definitions :

Domain name

The domain name is the name of a web page on the Internet. Domain names are unique and characterize the website to which they refer.

In each country there is a unique such ending (eg for Greece it is .gr).

Domain names registrar

The domain name registrar is any professional or company to which it is possible to submit registration declarations by interested parties in order to be assigned a Domain Name ending in .gr.

✨ We investigated whether the registrars Online English courses with certificate : 😂  

They have posted a price list with the cost of their services.

They show the final price of the product, including VAT.

They have extra charges.

If the price for the registration service they present, is for two (2) years for the .gr extensions.

🥇  Research results Online English courses with certificate 🙂

Non-Functional Registers

Non-Functional Registers .GR Domain Names

Of the 444 registered registrars we checked, 267 (60%) either do not have a functioning website , or do not provide any domain name registration services , or do not have the basic cost and duration information that consumers need.

🤓  Domain name registrars in Greece Online English courses with certificate ✅

It is worth mentioning that registrars were identified such as:

– a modeling agency that “cooperates with exotic models from Russia”.

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– law firm , violating the incompatibility.

– a variety of e-shops , pharmacies , fruit and vegetable stores , etc.

– companies with their websites in Japanese, German and other languages without the page in Greek or English .

Registration companies that provide the basic information a consumer needs, such as the duration and cost of the service are just 177 (40%). And of these, only 50 (11%) have the basic cost information correctly , which includes VAT and the correct length of service for .GR extensions, which is two years.

🤓  Domain name registrars in Greece Online English courses with certificate


Service Duration

The registration period of a website with a .GR ​​extension is two years, as is its renewal. So while patent companies should report the correct duration of service, there are 39 companies that do not report or specify the two-year service period.

Other Violations

Most companies do not provide information about the terms / regulations that apply to anyone who registers a domain name.

Large companies in the area:

– have default additional services (eg automatic renewal, validation check, etc.), which is an abusive practice.

– charge consumers with charges for additional services that are unpaid .

– use misleading advertisements , stating monthly prices of the service and without VAT.

Finally, there is a company that is on the list of inactive registrars of the EETT register, while it continues to offer regular registration services through its website.

At DNHOST , it is our firm and main commitment to comply with the EETT Regulations and to stay away from tactics of unfair competition and misleading the consumer, which are unfortunately followed by other Registrars.