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✨ How to profit from Khamsat Online English courses with certificate 💥

Online English courses with certificate  : Khamsat is one of the oldest and famous Arab sites in the field of profit on the Internet, working remotely, and the idea of ​​the site is the convergence of the seller and the buyer through him and the implementation of the request, but on the condition that the site is the mediator between the two parties and takes a commission of one dollar for each service at a price of $ 5, and the site has been named With that name because the minimum service that can be requested or purchased must be less than $ 5. Online English courses with certificate

As long as the price of all services is five dollars, Online English courses with certificate  ten, fifteen, or twenty dollars … and others, the idea of ​​the site is taken from the global Fiverr site, but it takes a commission of half a dollar on each purchase of $ 5, and of course anyone who deals with Fiverr should Be familiar with the English language.  Online English courses with certificate

🔥 How to profit from Khamsat Online English courses with certificate 🤑   

You can subscribe to the Khamsat site for free without restrictions. (Subscribe to the Khamsat site), you just need to click here and start the registration process for a new account by entering the username, password, e-mail, etc. The rest of the data, and from here you activate your account by message Text received in e-mail and after activation, the account is now ready to earn your first five dollars through the site.

On the main page of Khumsat there are all services, whether it is translation services, design, programming, e-marketing or data entry, and services can be added to the site and start making profit from the service.

It is better to add the services with high demand provided by Khamsat and all the services that need a lot) and to perform services similar to what is on the site, provided that you are able to implement this service for your customers to the maximum extent, and when you finish providing the service, make a profit and you can withdraw it.

After you log in to the site, click on a new service and enter the appropriate title and classification for the service, then prepare a brief description of the service for the customer, add some live pictures of the service, and specify the deadline for receiving the services, whether for a day, two or three, Then Qimam by writing the instructions that appear to the customer after immediate payment, and if you are keen to provide Facebook cover design services, ask the customer about his favorite colors, preferred fonts, expected design patterns … and others.

After the customer purchases your service, you must start and complete the implementation of the service, your earnings will be displayed in your Khamsat account, and you can withdraw the balance through your Paypal within 15 days.

🤓  How to upgrade your business to increase profits in Khamsat Online English courses with certificate ✅

You should browse all services as possible, especially to see the services that can provide such services, study the number of service buyers and their behavior, study the reasons for the large sales of the service and the positive reviews.

Please read the terms of the Khamsat website carefully as you must review all services it will provide and accept them if they qualify for you.

Join the groups and pages on Facebook and post your service in the comments and it will be known to you, but in the sense that you will provide the “design” service, publish the service on through groups of Photoshop programs and designers.

How to work on the Khamsat website

🙂  Search for all services that have more than 20 sales. Online English courses with certificate 🥇

Sort services into services that can provide similar services.

Add the first service by preparing a professional image of the service and writing a convincing, short and useful description to show mastery in the service.

Go to the non-existent service request page and post the service link in the comments.

After selling this service for the first time, start adding other services.

When the profit reaches $ 10, you can withdraw the profit which is the minimum withdrawal amount, which is equivalent to providing three services.

✨    Fully funded online courses  The benefit of an SSL certificate for seo your own site 💥

Fully funded online courses  : An SSL certificate must be available for those who own a blog or site where they need to increase the security and protection Fully funded online courses  of their site from any problems that may occur from Google, so everyone wants to buy their site or blog on the Internet, the SSL certificate is your first way of improvement of your choice.

🔥   SSL Certificate Fully funded online courses 🤑

SSL letters are short for Secure Socket layer, which is a protection layer that encrypts the process by Fully funded online courses  which information is exchanged in web pages. While searching on the Internet, you may encounter the term TLS, which is an abbreviation of the word Transport Layer security, which is the Fully funded online courses safest and best version of SSL, despite the prevalence of SSL among everyone on websites .

To spy Fully funded online courses  on the process of exchanging information between pages, such as your credit card details, Http can be used easily in that, and from here the thinking began to protect information by making it encrypted, Fully funded online courses  so the Https protocol appeared to keep the information safe through the use of an SSL certificate.

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The SSL system Fully funded online courses  makes the information sent to and from the server of the site you visit and the browser server, appear in an encrypted form so that it is not easy to spy on it, as that information is withheld from anyone else and only the person himself can read or understand it.

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The information is kept in a box that opens with a key and closes with a completely different one: Fully funded online courses. Certificate private key: SSL

This key resides in the site server that you used, and it decodes the code surrounding the information, and this key cannot be obtained easily.

The public key is in the SSL certificate Fully funded online courses

It is this key that encrypts the data when it enters any website that uses the HTTP protocol. Fully funded online courses

From all this, we conclude that any data or information uploaded to the site can only be opened on the server, and thus the data becomes more secure, despite the insecurity of the Https protocol 100%, especially for those who have banking services on their site.

SSL Certificate utility Fully funded online courses

🙂 Fully funded online courses  Before you share your personal information or data with any website, confirm the two things: 🥇

To be the site you want and not a fake image from it specialized in stealing data from people. Fully funded online courses

If this is the site you want, make sure that there is no possibility for anyone to identify the data you have registered. Fully funded online courses

Its importance is centered on verifying the ownership of the site you are using, as well as the task of encrypting the data or information exchanged on the site to be safe.

Where the protocol stores information on the site’s server so that it can send it when you want it, and it knows the site’s security. Fully funded online courses

Any browser that is used will not allow visitors to enter your site if you do not have an SSL certificate, because it is a proof of trust and safety, and in the event that they enter the site, the Not secure sign will appear to let them know that the site is not safe. Fully funded online courses

Fully funded online courses  SSL certificate and its types:

Many of us do not know about the types of SSL certificate or the correct way to define it, and its types:

Domain Effectiveness Certificate

Used to verify a person’s domain ownership, it is the most popular type on the web.

Enterprise Effectiveness Certificate

More secure for large companies and institutions such as Amazon and Google, it confirms the company’s ownership of the domain by providing some proof of that.

Extended Event Certificate

The most secure and unique type of having high levels of trust for companies and major economic entities or major service providers, as some people often want to impersonate these companies.

▷【 Free certificate courses 】- MORE INFORMATION 🥇 || What are the types of educational courses?  🥇

Free certificate courses : Free courses with accredited certificates spread in the recent period with a new concept, which is learning through the Internet, which is free courses in various fields, and this is what we will learn about today in this article, because self-study or learning through the Internet is the process of learning a particular course in Home by studying a free online course. Free certificate courses

✅  Free online courses with certified certificates Free certificate courses 🙂


There are many young Arabs looking for free online courses such as:

Free certificate courses  University students who want to improve what they study and apply what they learn. Free certificate courses

Anyone seeking to learn skills and have a passion for the Internet. Free certificate courses

Girls who have not completed formal education in certain parts of the Arab world.

An employee who wants to improve his attic and helps himself develop for the better.

Young fresh graduate who wants free courses to prove the acquired skills. Free certificate courses

Free courses with accredited certificates || What are the types of educational courses?

Free courses with accredited certificates, online courses

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🤑  Free certificate courses  What are the types of educational courses? 🤓

Free certificate courses  It cannot be said that any educational course is considered a course unless these following conditions are provided:

Scientific materials are presented in a systematic manner, sufficient to cover scientific or cultural concepts. Free certificate courses.

The textbooks provided include practical applications, not just theoretical explanations, Free certificate courses.

There must be a way to communicate with the person applying to free courses with accredited certificates.

Free certificate courses  He also finds other conditions that make the course unique and better than others, such as the following points:

In the courses there is a test to understand the educational materials. Free certificate courses

The applicant can get a direct evaluation from the educational content or the learning materials supervisor. Free certificate courses

Submit an approved certificate stating the completion of the educational courses offered.

Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses  Please observe these conditions in order to judge the quality of any free courses with accredited certificates you find online (whether free or paid), which will make the applicant think about important matters, for example:

An organization that offers free courses. Free certificate courses

The quality of the body through which the course is offered.

The course provider’s experience and scope of knowledge.

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💥  Free certificate courses  Why are you looking for online courses with accredited certificates? 🔥

We all know that the main reason for looking for free courses with accredited certificates is the lack of financial capacity to take the paid courses. Free certificate courses

Especially the college courses or the content that covers educational courses are huge and complex, but I’m not talking about that here, but in general about why you are learning online.

Knowing exactly what you need is the most important step in searching for free online courses with accredited certificates in any required subject, the most important of which are as follows:

Obtaining an accredited certificate Free certificate courses

As I mentioned earlier, this is the most common reason to look for free online courses with accredited certificates, and the costs of education worldwide are high, and the important distinguishing feature of traditional education is obtaining a specialized professional certificate. Free certificate courses

This is why many people turn to online certifications to prove their skills, you may already know a specific field. Free certificate courses Free certificate courses.

✨  Accredited short courses online  || How to advertise on TikTok 2020 💥  

Accredited short courses online  : Profit from Tik Tok has become accessible to everyone, as the social application Tik Tok has achieved strong performance recently and achieved unprecedented tremendous success in just two years because it swept all applications that do the same services, including Vine, Keek and other applications of communication and instant chat. .

🔥 Profit from Tik Tok || How to advertise on Accredited short courses online 🤑

Accredited short courses online  More than 85 million users have been active in submitting short videos of only 15 seconds and publishing them on this powerful Accredited short courses online platform to make a profit from TikTok, where millions of people around the world interact from Arabs and foreigners.

For Accredited short courses online  those who do not know this application, Tik Tok is a platform or social site where people can photograph themselves with short video clips and add to it a number of musical effects that come from 1 of Arab and foreign films such as (dance, singing, fashion, fashion and other online materials), and there is also It has a collection of stickers containing more than a hundred stickers.

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How do I make money from Tik Tok

Chinese applications or platforms are not only for your pleasure, but their goal and nominal is what their makers seek to achieve, and from this social platform that is frequently used by teenagers of all races and ages is the profit from TikTok. Accredited short courses online

How to advertise on TikTok 2020 Accredited short courses online

As for large companies and brands that offer to display and sell them through gifts, and share the love by increasing sales and offers through the application, they can also build partnerships between applications by allowing the company to show young and teen users that they want to display.

It should be noted that talents and creativity who quickly create and publish impactful videos can establish business partnerships through commercial contracts with well-known brands and display them on their platforms through video presentations.

For example, specific perfumes, watches, or certain types of creams or cosmetics, and people just display products, praise them and ask their followers to buy products, just like celebrities on Youtube and other powerful platforms.

🙂 What are the conditions for earning from  Accredited short courses online 🥇

Here’s how to profit from Tik Tok, and for this you Accredited short courses online must follow the points, tips and instructions to teach you to profit from Tik Tok:

You must first create an account with your name and an attractive profile. Accredited short courses online

You must ensure that your current business and personality are correct.

This profile or the following profile will give a good impression, that you are a real, serious and caring person, which will encourage them to follow you and continue watching you.

Another thing that you should know that is important is to provide completely exclusive and exclusive content from the videos and not from the creativity of others, but through your own creativity, and being one helps you to spread quickly.

Create your own video clip and add it to your touch, which will  Accredited short courses online  force the visitor to click on the heart or press the “Continue” button, this is your capital.

We’ve come to the point, which is how do you earn from TikTok? As mentioned earlier, your followers or groups of followers are your capital.

So please make sure to get more videos to get high reviews.

After your followers reach a lot of what is acceptable to profit, treat your excellent ratio as a million or two million or more.

You can now contact the brand and company or they can contact you for a replacement.

In conclusion, I advise you to be keen on increasing your tik tok followers to expand your business and attract the attention of companies and brands to advertise it on your channel.