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💥 Do not use the same code everywhere , except you want to commit Free certificate courses! 💥

Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses : Do not store your FTP passwords in your FTP program. You can save your passwords to an online document in Google docs or with Roboform software.

Immediately upgrade the Flash player and Acrobat reader on your PC.

Older versions of Adobe Flash Player and Acrobat Reader are entry points for the Gumblar virus. If you catch the virus, it will look for FTP programs (usually FileZilla and Dreamweaver) and then connect to your site, download your files, infect them and re-upload them to your domain. Then your site will distribute malicious material to your visitors infecting them and so your domain will quickly be blacklisted by all Browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome).

Use anti-virus, anti-malware programs on your PC and schedule them to scan it every night.

💥  Upgrade your web applications and their add-ons Free certificate courses. 💥

Joomla, WordPress, OsCommerce, Invision forum etc and their plug ins, add ons, components must be frequently upgraded to their latest version, otherwise they fall victim to hackers who exploit security vulnerabilities of their older versions.

Subscribe to the mailing list of the communities that maintain them by going to the application site and subscribing to the community newsletter or RSS feed. This will keep you updated when a new version or patch is available.

Write secure php / asp code.

You can search for secure php coding or secure coding and you will find many useful resources for secure web programming methods and practices .

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 HOW DO I GET A BACKUP OF MY PC Free certificate courses? 🙂

💥  Do not use illegal software Free certificate courses. 💥

If you download “broken” software as well as any other illegal material on your PC, because they contain spywares and malwares that are capable of unpredictable leakage of your personal data and your website.

If you think you are “smart” because you are downloading “free” infringing software, I’m telling you that there are smarter people than you, who will use it as a Trojan horse to get their malware onto your PC and your site unpredictably. Results!

You often get a backup of your site.

There is no guarantee that your site will always be there! As a customer of any hosting company, you are solely responsible for your files . If you’ve never got a backup of your site, do it now and put it in your program from now on. Save it to a hard drive and a CD / DVD even in the cloud.

💥  Choose a web hosting provider that has security experience Free certificate courses. 💥

It is a common secret that the market is full of hosting companies that all claim to be leading etc etc. Yes, ok 🙂 είναι Few are those who follow strict security measures in hosting, because these measures require high know-how and cost.

Avoid traps by checking the reputation and history of the hosting company in which you will trust the hosting of your site. DnHost follows strict security rules and practices based on its 18 years of experience.