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🙂 Teleworking: 27 top & free tools Free certificate courses 🥇

Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses :  Teleworking from homeWith the new reality of limiting contacts and travel due to coronavirus, we have all resorted to the solution of remote working & distance learning and almost all companies have dramatically changed the way they work and adapt to new data.

Thus, most of the work, meetings, conferences, collaborations on documents or projects, interviews, courses, etc., must now be done via the internet.

So we searched, analyzed and presents to you, 27  top and free teleworking tools so that you can easily and economically adapt the digital one, so that you can work normally and remotely.

🤓 Meetings – teleconferences Free certificate courses Online group meetings ✅

The Zoom a videoconferencing tool via the / PC and mobile, with many amenities , free (up to 100 participants) and unlimited 1: 1 meetings with many training tools to do more easily and effectively your job. To meet people outside the company you do not need to register, log in, etc., just click on the link that you will send them.

The Teams of Microsoft allows collaboration between people in different places, providing rooms for chat and collaboration, video conferencing, direct videokliseis, distance learning. It has full integration with Office 365 (Word, Excel, Outlook etc) and due to covid-19 Teams is offered for free for 6 months .

The Webex is a famous platform for business conferencing, exapostaseos partnerships with many participants, e-seminars, online training, etc. The Cisco has upgraded the free version of Webex , because of the need for telecommuting, with unlimited use (no time limit) and support for up to 100 participants.

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To Whereby offers free videokliseis with up to 4 participants via browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). You do not need to install any program or application on your computer or smartphone and chat directly with the other participants by sending a link. In addition, it has share screen , record meeting and chat functionalities .

🤑 To organize and schedule your online appointments, Calendly acts as your secretary Free certificate courses . 🔥

 Connects to up to six calendars to check your availability and keep you in touch with your customers or partners. One of the functions of Calendly is to connect to Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook and iCloud. It provides a free 14-day trial and then you can continue in the free plan until June 2020.

✨ Team Management Free certificate courses Workgroup management 💥

One of the most powerful tools with an emphasis on team management is Slack , which allows all members of a work team (eg management, employees, contractors) to communicate directly via chat or audio / video calls from any device! You can define the chat channels according to the parts of your business or your projects, giving respectively access only to the right people, with the necessary privacy always. The free version allows access to the latest 10,000 messages, links to applications such as Asana, Google Drive, Office 365 and 1: 1 voice and video calling.

As mentioned before, Teams is Microsoft’s competitor to Slack. It is ideal for managing workgroups when it comes to teleworking and distance learning and works seamlessly with Office 365. To assist in the current context of educational organizations looking to bring their teachers, students and IT technicians to Teams, Microsoft is providing free in Office 365 A1 .

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With a free Workplace subscription you can collaborate with your team through chat, video calls, integrations with other applications, news feed etc. It is essentially a version of Facebook for business and online collaboration.