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⭐ Innovation in business models under digital transformation Free certificate courses 🥇

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Innovation and digital transformation Free certificate courses.

Most of the current Free certificate courses companies focus on creating some products and services that suit the needs of the market and meet the aspirations of consumers, which yield profits from providing these products and using them for the companies provided, and most companies consider innovation in products and the provision of distinctive products as the main goal in the work of companies and It places quality of service and added value at the top of its marketing plans.

Due to the new competition and the entry of various products that provide similar values ​​in the product or service provided, this has created a difficulty for these companies in maintaining the traditional income and profits from direct or indirect sales of services and products.

With the presence of this huge competition in the market and the availability of many products that focus on price as an advantage to attract consumers to buy the product and with the decline of brand loyalty compared to the price for some consumer segments, the problem of declining corporate revenues and profits appeared! Which led most of the companies to exit the competition market early Free certificate courses or to identify specific groups to provide these services.

As for other companies, they have modified their business model to provide value in a different way, by providing models for pricing different from the traditional ones,

or by focusing on after-sales aspects as additional services.

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Given the various existing business models Free certificate courses that provide a space for business development

and display of products in different ways, there is a difficulty in choosing the right model for customers

that brings the highest return to the company or that helps in maintaining the current customers of the company.

In his famous book “The Ten Types of Innovation ” , Larry Kelly identified 10 main types that Free certificate courses bring together the most innovative global companies, which focus on three main axes in developing innovative business models in various fields:

✅  Free certificate courses Organization 🙂

It is intended to develop internal processes in companies and accelerate product development, and one of the most important methodologies that most companies work on adopting is the Agile methodology, and in the Arabic language it means the methodology of rapid development.

It mainly depends on the mindset change of the employees within the company

through flexible and rapid response to the development in market needs and consumer requirements and even technological development to reflect this on new products.

🤑  Agile Methodology Free certificate courses 🤓


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Emphasis is placed in this axis on product development and innovation by providing high quality services and finding a competitive advantage in the market.

The focus is also on the outside – in approach, which in our Free certificate courses beloved language means an outside-in-approach to product development. By listening more to the needs and aspirations of consumers and evaluating the product through mini-sessions with potential consumers to verify that the product meets their aspirations in terms of use and price, and here we should not neglect the topic of “user experience”, which is considered one of the most important success factors for any electronic product that deals with it. Consumers.

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Outside-In Approach

Free certificate courses Experiments

This aspect is characterized by focusing on the consumer relationship with the company through improving communication channels, after-sales services, and even protecting the good relationship between the company and consumers.

This aspect focuses on maintaining existing customers more than getting new ones.

Full knowledge of the impact by publishing customer experiences on social media, as 97% of consumers see reviews and 85% look for negative reviews and low product reviews before purchasing them

( according to business wire magazine statistics )

Most of the current companies seek to benefit from digital transformation to provide new value for products in light of the intense competition in different markets.