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Fully funded online courses : The Ireland Fully funded online courses Study Visa is the document that provides the student with the opportunity to enter Irish lands to study. Ireland has become one of the most popular educational destinations for international students from all over the world, as it includes many educational institutions that include a number of different academic majors, which provide students with the opportunity to choose a major It is appropriate for them, through a group of high-quality study programs, and in order for the student to enroll in one of the universities in Ireland, he must obtain a study visa in Ireland .

🤓 Fully funded online courses Ireland Tuition Visa: ✅

Obtaining an Irish study visa is one of the important steps that must be passed in order for the student to study in it, and there are some countries whose citizens are exempted from the Irish study visa, including Switzerland, the countries of the European Economic Area and Europe for a period not exceeding 90 days, and if you want to extend the period, you must apply On the other hand, we find international students who must obtain a study visa in Ireland, and they must submit their visa application through the Irish Citizenship and Immigration Services website via the Internet.

🔥  Fully funded online courses What are the types of student visa Ireland? 🤑

There are different types of Ireland study visa that differ according to the period that the student wishes to reside within the Irish territory to study, there is a study C visa for a period not exceeding 3 months, and there is a study D visa for a period exceeding 3 months, which confirms the need to specify the period that Fully funded online courses The student needs it to study so that he can choose the type of visa to be extracted.

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✨  Fully funded online courses What are the steps to apply for an Ireland study visa? 💥

1- Fill out the visa application form online

2- Answer all the questions included in the form very accurately

3- Print the application form and sign it along with all the required documents represented as follows:

An official letter document from the educational institution that the student wishes to join proving the student’s acceptance into a full-time study program in which the number of weekly hours is not less than 15 hours

The student’s passport, provided that it is valid for a period of not less than 6 months to come

The full address of the student’s residence in the home country.

A document bearing the student’s signature explaining the main reason for his travel to Ireland with a simple explanation of the study program he wants to join, and the field of work available to him after completing his studies and graduation

A signed document containing all the details of the student’s family members who reside in one of the countries of the European Union

Determining the dates the student expects to enter and leave Ireland, with the exception of applying for a long-term visa, and it is better not to write a specific period or dates

Details of the student’s study in the home country and work, if any Fully funded online courses

A valid medical insurance policy

A document proving that the student has paid all financial fees for the study program at the chosen university

A document showing the student’s bank account statement from a bank with a value of $ 7,700 to prove his financial ability to support himself during the study period in Ireland, provided that a period of no less than 6 months has passed since the creation of the bank account statement

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A document proving Fully funded online courses the student’s departure from Ireland upon the end of the study program, such as a flight ticket or a document from the educational university    

4- Send the form to the Irish Consulate or Embassy