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🥇 Domain name with 2 characters Fully funded online courses 🙂

Fully funded online courses

Fully funded online courses  :The possibility of registering .GR domains with a length of two (2) characters has started, eg, etc

EETT has recently issued a new Regulation in order to meet the modern needs of businesses and citizens who own or acquire  .gr domains

Thus, now interested parties can register .gr domains with two characters, eg, etc.

We estimate that approximately 8,000 new .gr domain names will be made available to the public., as the official registrar of .GR domains, Fully funded online courses  provides the possibility of online registration of a two-character .gr domain .

.Gr domains with two characters are considered privileged domains and are subject to a special pricing policy.

Their cost amounts to 550 € (plus VAT) but if one considers the profit from the use of a short and easy to remember domain, it is definitely worth it, at least for example: large companies, organizations, politicians and artists.

Search and register the .gr domain you want immediately!

🤓  New case of updates for domain renewal at a much more expensive price Fully funded online courses ✅

Did you receive a notification (like the one here) for the renewal of your domain from another company? Ignore it and renew your domain through

If you received by e-mail or mail, a notice entitled ” notice ” (where instead of your domain will be listed) or ” ATTENTION: IMPORTANT NOTICE Domain SEO Service Registration Corp ” by Domain SEO Service Registration Corp (and not from 

🔥  DNHOST or ENOM with which we work for .com domains), similar to the one you see here Fully funded online courses 🤑

This is an unfair tactic with which they try to convince you to renew very expensively and transfer the management of your domain name  to this company!

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 Take off your Newsletter with Email Platforms Fully funded online courses 🙂

Delete the email immediately or throw away the letter so you do not risk paying 6 times more or losing your domain management.

The content of the email / letter is here .

Spread the word to your friends and acquaintances who you know maintain a .com domain , .net, .org domain names.

✨ New TLD’s: .tires .flowers .yoga .wedding .fashion .garden 💥


7 new domain extensions have  been added to those already available:  .tires, .flowers, .yoga, .wedding, .wales, .fashion, .garden !

Get an internet address that will tell your customers that they are on the right website.

If you are building, selling or repairing tires, a website is the most effective way to find new customers and get existing customers back to you. It’s a great choice for car mechanics, manufacturers, retailers, repair shops and tire market critics.

An address that is immediately recognizable to your florist, garden, greenhouse, delivery service or any other florist you own. It is also ideal for florists, gardeners, decorators, greenhouse owners, event planners and anyone with a talent for gardening, creating flower arrangements or providing tips on choosing the right flowers for your wedding, garden or home.

The  .yoga presents this exercise all over the world and makes communication easier teachers and students, wherever they are. Suitable for yoga studios, trainers, gymnasts, yogis, experienced or beginners but also any business that sells clothing and equipment for yoga.

Provides a new tool for businesses affiliated with the wedding industry to achieve better networking and online visibility. As couples become more and more targeted at online wedding planning, .wedding is perfect for wedding planners, event venues, photographers, bridal shops, florists, patisseries and those who write on their blog about anything related to weddings.

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 Fully funded online courses British Accent Vs American Accent 🙂

Wales is available to individuals, businesses and organizations within Wales looking for a better way to network, promote and promote on the World Wide Web. It also provides groups and individuals connected to Wales with travel or trade, the opportunity to stay connected to this vibrant and unique country, from anywhere in the world.

This stylish new domain suits fabric retailers, designers or big brands of clothes, shoes and accessories, retail stores, those who are passionate about the latest fashion trends and clothes, from design to sale, those who like to write articles on blogs or to wear branded and eccentric clothes.

garden  offers targeted addresses for greenhouses, gardeners, wholesalers and retailers in the gardening market, architects, decorators and those involved in plants, trees and (seeds, tools, soil, fertilizers) and gardening to present them in forums, blogs and e-shops.