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🥇 Explanation of prepositions Fully funded online courses 🙂

Fully funded online courses

Fully funded online courses  : Mastering the use of prepositions in English writing Fully funded online courses. The educational system at EF English Live School aims to provide the student with information and raise his level by raising the level of his vocabulary and providing explanation of English prepositions and other grammar and language tools, in addition to making the student more confident in his ability to read and write the English language through Hundreds of exercises and various interactive activities.

Each educational unit includes one of the writing exercises designed in Fully funded online courses  a manner that enables the student to refine his skills and experiment with what he has learned, while at the same time ensuring the teacher the ability to evaluate his level accurately. These exercises take many forms, including being required to write a letter to a friend or an official e-mail text or otherwise Of the texts in which he needs to use various prepositions in the English language and apply various grammatical and linguistic rules.

The student Fully funded online courses  receives a report from the teacher within 48 hours of performing the writing exercise in which he knows his evaluation and the extent of the progress that he has made, and he also gets some corrections and directions related to the uses of English prepositions or other linguistic tools, and the activities and exercises play a pivotal role in highlighting the strengths And the shortcomings of each student, and then work to strengthen the first and correct the second.


✅  Learn to use English prepositions in conversations Fully funded online courses 🤓

The first thing that should be known about prepositions in the English language is that they are one of the rules that are characterized by some precision due to the large number of them as well as the large number of their uses. Accordingly, explaining the prepositions in a theoretical manner based on direct instruction may not be sufficient to be able to learn and master their use. Fully funded online courses

The innovative educational systems used at EF English Live School are not limited to explaining English prepositions theoretically only, but rather pay great attention to the practical aspect that allows the student to apply what he has learned from the grammar of the English language and use its vocabulary and tools through various interactive activities, most notably conversation classes At live. Fully funded online courses

🔥 Fully funded online courses  The live chat classes available across the school are divided into two types as follows: 🤑

Live private conversation: during which the student practices the language through private (one-to-one) communication with one of our expert teachers for 40 minutes

Group conversation classes: one class includes a limited number of students (about five students) interacting with each other and practicing the language through interesting and renewed discussions.

Direct conversations and group classes are one of the distinctive educational methods and are available through the EF English Live school 24 hours a day, although it is not considered a method for explaining English prepositions in detail in the traditional sense, but they are effective in refining and developing the student’s language skills and helping him master and accustom Use of English prepositions and other grammar rules, in addition to receiving assessments and directions directly from the teacher.

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💥  Fully funded online courses Why choose EF English Live school? 🔥 

EF English Live School is a global educational institution that is the leader in teaching English through digital media over the Internet, and was the first school to offer live lessons 7/24. For two full decades, since its launch in 1996, the school has managed to change the lives of a large number of students and enable them to move towards achieving Fully funded online courses  their personal and professional aspirations.

It is mentioned here Fully funded online courses  that EF English Life has won the Gold Award as the best educational institution for the year 2018, presented by the Institute for Education and Performance (, thanks to its innovative and effective teaching methods, behind this achievement is a large team of academics and education experts Along with 200 carefully selected English language teachers.