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Free Online Courses  : Today’s learning platform brought together the top 10 future majors that you can study, and opens the doors for you to future jobs. You may find that some of them are not available in your country, or that they exist under other names or as branches of more famous specialties.

For example, gene therapy falls under the specialty of gene engineering. The specialization of social innovation, in part, falls under the disciplines of sociology … etc. That is why we mentioned some familiar majors whose study may constitute a strong base for postgraduate studies in future majors.

🤓 1- Alternative and Renewable Energy Free Online Courses ✅

Alternative energy and renewable energy

Free Online Courses  Human beings cannot live dependent on fuel forever, so alternative energy resources such as solar energy, wind power and hydropower are the only hope. You have no doubt heard of Alternative and Renewable Energy. This major studies the forms of renewable energy of all kinds and provides the student with the practical,  Free Online Courses technical, economic and social skills needed to deal with clean energy. Perhaps the most famous major now is renewable energy engineering, which has begun to appear in a number of Arab universities, or as part of engineering and environmental majors. Free Online Courses

🔥 You can learn more about this major by reviewing the Alternative and Renewable Energy Engineering specialization guide Free Online Courses 🤑

  • Free Online Courses  required skills:
  • Mathematics, science and technology STEM skills.
  • Passion and desire.
  • Openness to learning. Free Online Courses
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Concern about environmental issues and sustainability.
  • Available specialties that establish this specialization:
  • Renewable Energy Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  •  Chemistry. Free Online Courses
  • Environmental studies.
  • Physics.
  • Mechanical engineering.
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To get acquainted with the most in-demand engineering majors in the future, see the directory of engineering and scientific majors on

✨    2- Robotics Free Online Courses 💥


Robots are increasingly being used every day, replacing many of the work that humans do. Where it provides various services in various areas of life. Nowadays, they are used especially frequently in dangerous environments only, such as in mine detection operations or in environments where humans cannot live, such as outer space.

It is expected that robots will replace many of the current jobs in the future, however they will still need a human supervisor. And to the cadres to build, program and monitor its performance. Here comes the role of the specialty of robotics, which is a branch of engineering, in designing, building and manufacturing these machines. It also includes studying the computer systems that you control. This major integrates mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, and computer science. Not only that, the field of robotics is a wide field that has entered and will enter all walks of life, so it needs support disciplines such as medicine, physics and life sciences, depending on the type of robot that is being manufactured and the goal for which it is made.

Learn about the directory of future specialties on Forsa website

🔥  Free Online Courses  required skills: 😂

 Mathematics, Science and Technology (STEM) skills.


Analytical skills.

Available specialties that establish this specialization:

Computer Science.

mechanical engineering.

Mechatronics engineering.

3- Artificial Intelligence AI

AI artificial intelligence

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Free Online Courses  Artificial intelligence is defined as the behavior and certain characteristics of computer programs that make them simulate human mental capabilities and patterns of work. Among the most important of these characteristics is the ability to learn, deduce, and react to situations not programmed into the machine. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science concerned with designing “smart clients” or what is known in English as “smart agent”. The smart agent means a computer system that can perceive the environment around him and interact with it in order to take positions that contribute to the achievement of the goals for which it was designed. Free Online Courses This specialization is considered one of the most demanding majors in the future, but which is in great demand today. Perhaps this specialization is not available now in most Arab countries, but it is present in the form of training and induction courses, or as part of other more famous specialties. It is interesting that this specialization requires knowledge of not only scientific disciplines, but also related disciplines Free Online Courses.