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💥 Free Certificate Courses Keywords || What is the purpose of the keywords? 🔥

Free Certificate Courses : Keywords, or as some call them by the name (keywords) or (keywords), Free Certificate Courses  they are terms that refer to one thing. Keywords: are the phrases or (key phrases) that are targeted by the owner of the website or its owners  Free Certificate Courses who created it or the creators Content on web pages to generate search results for these keywords.

🔥  Free Certificate Courses  What is the purpose of keywords: 🤑

The keyword is the other side of your search words. Free Certificate Courses

You should know that search words are the ones that a person in the search engine is actually using to access content through the Internet. Free Certificate Courses

Keywords || What is the purpose of the keywords?

Types of keywords

🤓  Free Certificate Courses Some keyword is long, so keywords are divided into three types and they are as follows: ✅

General and short keyword: This type of short word contains only one or two words, and the keywords are very general, so it has a high search rate, and moreover it is difficult to compete for these words, especially on new sites, Free Certificate Courses  for example words: ( Car, cooking, courses, diet).

Medium keyword: compared to general and short keywords, this type of word is larger and more professional, and the competition between them is medium difficulty, for example words: wristwatches, diet for pregnant women, English language lessons.

Long Keyword: These are longer, specialized, and more targeted phrases, compared to the previous types, their competition is at the lowest level (this does not mean that any website owner can easily do this).

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🙂  The easiest way to get the keyword Free Certificate Courses 🥇

Getting the right keyword for your website is a very important step for your website to get the initial search results, and there are many ways to get successful keywords, the most important of which are:

Brainstorming session: This is a traditional method and it relies on the personal skills of everyone, but those with a culture and knowledge can get a good and great idea.

Study your competitors: Study the five important blogs in the niche in which you compete, and by noting the keywords of your competitors, you will get a wealth of diverse ideas.

Use the feature: After entering the words in Google’s search engine, you will see a small dropdown list listing the most important suggested keywords.

This feature can work based on the experience of your visitors visiting search engines, because Google chooses search terms that are used the most by the searchers.

Important note: The suggested words will start with the words you entered, to get more variable words, and leave a space before the word you need.

🙂  Free Certificate Courses  Keywords || What is the purpose of the keywords? 🥇

Free Certificate Courses  Google Keyword planner Tool: It is the best free tool ever, and you can search for words on the Internet, and the tool also provides you with a lot of information about keywords, for example, pressure value, degree of competition, and monthly search rate. Free Certificate Courses

Bing Keyword Research: Bing search engine has this tool, so it is very effective tool with it, you can generate more words based on your website content. Free Certificate Courses

Soovle: This free tool will provide you with a list of keywords based on the search engine autocomplete function. The source of words here is not only from Google, but also from Yahoo, Ping, Amazon and YouTube.

Ubersuggest: A very good free tool to get the keyword, once you type a word and hit the “suggest” button, you will get loads of words, in alphabetical order.

🙂  Free Certificate Courses  And through digital marketing: 🥇

Free Certificate Courses  : As it turned out that this type of marketing Free Certificate Courses  reaches very large numbers, because it is based on the use of traditional means that can reach all people, unlike electronic marketing that uses the Internet, there are Free Certificate Courses different cultures and different levels of education that will not enable these people to follow advertisements and propaganda on the Internet And various social media.

🤓  Characteristics of both digital marketing and digital marketing Free Certificate Courses ✅

With regard to electronic marketing: This type of marketing is characterized by direct interaction between the advertiser and the audience, as it includes many regions in the world, its cost is low, and the speed of its response is great. Free Certificate Courses

For digital marketing: It is considered one of the oldest types of marketing in appearance, and many people and major companies are still using it until this time, and it is characterized by being easy to use, while ensuring that this type of marketing reaches into categories that e-marketing cannot reach.

🔥  The difference between e-marketing and digital marketing Free Certificate Courses 🤑

The differences between e-marketing and digital marketing Free Certificate Courses

There are many aspects of the difference between e-marketing and digital marketing, and these differences are necessary and basic to suit the tastes, requirements, and ways of receiving advertising, and among the differences between e-marketing and digital Free Certificate Courses  marketing are the following:

Free Certificate Courses  Marketing cost:

Free Certificate Courses  A very small budget, which can reach a hundred dollars, while an advertising campaign in a digital marketing method can only be done by having a very.

💥 Free Certificate Courses Ability to communicate and follow up on audience reactions: ✨  

As this point is considered one of the most important features that distinguishes the preference for using e-marketing over digital marketing, as e-marketing is conducted through social networking sites and the Internet, so the owner of the advertisement can follow the reactions of the audience, see their questions and improve them, compared to digital marketing, which It is difficult to follow the reactions of the audience to the advertisement. Free Certificate Courses

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Audience Size:

Free Certificate Courses  Who receives the advertisement, and at this point also e-marketing excels from digital marketing, as in e-marketing has not specified a specific number or a specific destination to provide advertisement for the product, it is possible that this advertisement reaches a very large number, and it can reach all parts of The world and we’re advising on the first marketing tool right now is AHFs

This is compared to digital marketing, which is concerned with a specific segment of the audience, and through the widespread means at that time to obtain advertising, but what distinguishes .

Free Certificate Courses  Similarities between e-marketing and digital marketing

After learning about the difference between e-marketing and digital marketing and knowing the differences, there are also similarities between e-marketing and network marketing that cannot be overlooked.

Whereas, these two types of marketing are similar in the desire to carry out many advertising campaigns, and to ensure that they reach the largest audience and market products, regardless of the method of presenting this advertisement.

Also, these two types of marketing are carried out before their application, many studies, plans and steps are to be made, which are developed after long thought.

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First, open the Google search engine, and type the application name in Arabic or English inside the search rectangle.

Then click on the search button and wait for the results to appear.

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Free Online Courses : Many young people dream of studying abroad, but this dream remains a dream in many cases, as traveling abroad for the purpose of study is an expensive adventure that many cannot afford, which drives many students to give up their dream due to their inability to pay tuition fees and travel costs. And living.

Free Online Courses  Despite this, we find some students who possess sufficient skills and abilities that motivate many institutions to support and assist them so that they can achieve their ambitions, and in today’s article we have compiled for you a list of the 10 most popular free scholarship programs around the world that are available to international students from all over the world.

🤓  Free Online Courses  1- Granting of Erasmus + ✅

Free Online Courses  This program was created by the European Commission for Free Online Courses Education, Training, Youth and Sports. It mainly aims to provide more opportunities for the mobility of learners and employees around the world for education and training. The program has donated more than 14.7 billion euros over seven years. Erasmus scholarships cover tuition costs, insurance in addition to a contribution to cover part of the cost of living during the study period.

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🔥 Free Online Courses  2- The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program 🤑

Free Online Courses  The Eiffel Excellence Program is aimed at international postgraduate students who wish to continue their studies in France. It provides students with a monthly allowance of 1181 per month throughout the study period, in addition to covering some other costs such as insurance, participation fees in various cultural events, local transportation and travel costs to and from France. Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  Learn how to apply for a free scholarship

3- Chevening Scholarships Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  The Chevening Scholarship Program is funded by the Commonwealth Office in the United Kingdom and is one of the most popular international scholarship programs in Britain. Annually, the program offers about 1,500 scholarships to students from all eligible countries that cover tuition costs, a monthly stipend, travel costs to and from the United Kingdom, in addition to some other financial grants. Free Online Courses

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✨  4- Endeavor Postgraduate Awards Free Online Courses 💥

This program is specifically aimed at students wishing to obtain a postgraduate degree (Masters or PhD) in Australia. Where the program provides full financial support for these students, including tuition costs, travel costs, a monthly allowance, in addition to health insurance.

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5- Swedish Institute Study Scholarships Free Online Courses

The Swedish Foundation Scholarship Program enables over 550 international students to obtain a master’s degree from Sweden by offering fully funded scholarships that cover study and living costs in addition to covering a portion of travel and insurance costs.

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Find masters scholarships available on Forsa website.

🔥 6- Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants Free Online Courses 😂

Free Online Courses  The Rotary Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports efforts to achieve global understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs. The Foundation’s programs specifically target students from all over the world wishing to study abroad. The Foundation grants are valued at approximately $ 30,000 and cover all travel and study costs, in addition to housing costs, equipment that students may need, and language courses.

▷  Free Online Courses  Fully funded fellowships for MA in Islamic Art from the American University in Cairo 👌

Free Online Courses  : The American University in Cairo is offering the Nadia Niazi Mostafa  Fellowship in Islamic Art and Architecture, which is a competitive award offered to  Free Online Courses Egyptian students who are new to or enrolled in a graduate program in Arab Studies, Art and Islamic Architecture who wish to complete their studies at the Free Online Courses  university full-time.

Lectura de Interés:   💥 Do not use the same code everywhere , except you want to commit Free certificate courses! 💥

⚡ Free Online Courses  Eligibility Criteria: ◁

Free Online Courses  The student must be Egyptian.

Free Online Courses  Bachelor’s degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent.

Free Online Courses  To retain the fellowship for students currently studying within the American University, a student must achieve a GPA of 3.2

Demonstrate financial need.

🔥 Free Online Courses Duration: 😂

Two years of full-time postgraduate studies, renewable based on availability of funds.

the prize:

Free Online Courses  The fellowship covers:

Free Online Courses  Tuition fees for a maximum of nine credits per semester.

Fees for required services and student activities.

Monthly salary.

Fellows’ responsibilities:

Free Online Courses 12 hours per week of academic work are allocated to support and strengthen professional training.

Mandatory training must be completed by means of educational assistance if the fellow is participating in the duties of the teaching assistant.

One time apprenticeship is required.

Eligibility criteria for a teaching assistant:

Free Online Courses  Hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a field related to the course in which he will participate.

Achieved a GPA of no less than 3.2 in his last degree. Free Online Courses

To be qualified in a field related to the courses that he will participate in and support.

Fluency in the English language in addition to possessing communication and interpersonal skills.

✨  Free Online Courses Teaching Assistant Responsibilities: 💥

Attending the classes for the course that is assigned to them.

Participate in classes and laboratories in the presence of the course instructor.

Conducting practical experiments on the work that students have to perform before the laboratory.

Support students in carrying out experimental and creative tasks in laboratories.

Help in preparing keys to help answer assignments when required.

Assist in classifying the components needed Free Online Courses for the course, and preparing assessments such as: assignments, tests, reports, and exams.

Assistance in registering and calculating students’ grades.

Assistance Free Online Courses with uploading course materials to online tools (such as Blackboard). Free Online Courses

Assist in preparing study materials under the supervision of the course instructor.

Conduct review and problem-solving sessions for students that do not require the introduction of new materials. Free Online Courses

Conducting class discussions and participating in group activities that do not require the introduction of new materials for students. Free Online Courses

Assist in monitoring students during exams in the presence of the course instructor.

Commitment to office hours. Free Online Courses

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Fellowship for holders of a PhD in Sociology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, for the year 2020 Free Online Courses

The University of Copenhagen in Denmark is offering a three-year fellowship starting in February 2021 or shortly thereafter for researchers holding a PhD in a field of sociology. The researcher will join a research team that conducts a large-scale study of the social class mobility of siblings who were born during the twentieth century in more than ten countries.

🔥  Free Online Courses  Criteria for applying for the fellowship: 🤑

The applicant must hold a PhD in social sciences such as sociology, economics, applied statistics, vital statistics, epidemiology, or related fields. Free Online Courses

The applicant must have obtained a PhD in 2014 or later.

The applicant should possess advanced skills in quantitative methods, applied statistics, or econometrics. Free Online Courses

Having experience with generalized mixed linear models, latent stratigraphic regression models, random-effect models or finite mixture models is an additional advantage of the applicant.


The annual stipend for post-doctoral researchers ranges from 54,000 euros to 57,000 euros. The university will also pay a monthly contribution to your pension fund in exchange for 17.1% of your salary, and additional supplements can be negotiated later.

🤓  Free Online Courses  About the SIBMOB project: ✅

Free Online Courses The SIBMOB project is a collaborative project in which the successful candidate will work with the lead investigator on the project Christian Burnet Carlson as well as two researchers to be appointed in 2022 and 2023 and another research assistant. Free Online Courses The candidate is expected to work independently and in cooperation with the research team to open a new ground in the study of social class mobility and should have the general ambition to enhance an understanding of the reasons why some countries are more socially mobile than others. The project extends from 2021 until 2025 and is located in the Sociology Department of the University of Copenhagen, and the candidate is also expected to participate in the academic life of the department. The SIBMOB project is funded by the European Research Council and aims to develop a new approach to characterizing the social class movement, and to apply this approach in an experimental Free Online Courses study of more than ten countries.

🥇  Free Online Courses  About the University of Copenhagen (UCPH): 🙂

The University of Free Online Courses Copenhagen (UCPH) is a public research university in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 1479 by Papal Bull, the university is the second oldest university in Scandinavia and ranks first among the best universities in Nordic countries and Europe. The University of Copenhagen is made up of six different colleges, and teaching takes place on its four distinct campuses, all of which are located in Free Online Courses Copenhagen. The university operates 36 different departments and 122 separate research centers in Copenhagen, as well as a Free Online Courses  number of museums and botanical gardens within and outside the Danish capital.