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🥇 Frequent HTTP errors and what they mean Short online courses with certificates 🙂

Short online courses with certificates

Short online courses with certificates  : HTTP errors  (5xx and 4xx) occur when there is a problem loading a web page and appear in all modern browsers (eg Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

✅  The most common errors in websites Short online courses with certificates. 🤓

Error 500 (Internal Server Error)

It is a very general HTTP status code and means that an error occurred on the server but the actual cause should be sought by the site or server administrator by checking the error logs.

🔥  Error 502 (Bad Gateway) Short online courses with certificates 🤑


It means that the server received an invalid response or encountered an error from another server that it attempted to contact in order to load the requested webpage or to complete another request from the user’s browser. That is, it means that there is a problem between two different servers on the Internet that do not communicate properly.

Error 503 (Service Unavailable)

It means that the web server is not available at the moment and is usually due to a temporary overload or some maintenance on the server.

Error 504 (Gateway Timeout)

It means that a server did not receive a timely response from another accessible server while trying to load the webpage or to complete another browser request.

Error 400 (Bad Request)

It means that the server (server / server) could not understand the request, could not process it and instead of opening the page you requested gives error 400.

Error  401 (unauthorized access)

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This means that the page you are trying to view cannot be loaded until you log in with a valid username and password. If you tried to log in and received the 401 error message, this means that the login information you provided was incorrect (you do not have an account on the site, or your username or password was incorrect).

Error  403 (Forbidden)

It means that access to the page or resources you are trying to open is blocked (by the server administrator) and so you do not have access to the website you are trying to view.

✨  Error 404 (Not Found) Short online courses with certificates 💥

404 Not Found means that the page you are trying to open cannot be found on the server you are looking for. This is the most popular HTTP status code available.

Error 404 occurs when the page could not be found.

Error 408 (Request Timeout)

Indicates that your request has been sent to the website, but the server did not process it due to a delay in loading an item on the website. That is, the connection to the website took longer than the server of the website is set to wait and so the connection expired.


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