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Free training certificate

Free training certificate : Its operation is based on the scanning period of a site and the control if any change has occurred in the text, the page pixels or a specific element of the site. So by choosing to scan the home page and the offers page of your competitors, you will be able to be immediately informed via mail that a change has been made which you will evaluate. Create an account at , add the page of the competitors site you want to follow , the mail you want to receive notifications and by selecting advanced

🤓  choose the item you want to compare, the exact section of the page etc Free training certificate . The free plan includes a daily check of 2 pages, so you can start today for free. ✅

To follow your competitors’ blog posts, add their sites to Feedly . Just link to your google account or create an account in the app and search for their site or RSS feeds in the search box. Every time they publish a new post on their blog you will be able to see it and be notified about it via mail to read it.

🔥  Enable Analytics Custom Alerts Free training certificate 🤑

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking traffic and analyzing the information available on your site. If you have not yet installed them on your site, see how to get started by activating a free account by following the activation and installation instructions .

If you already have an activated account, you can easily and quickly be automatically notified of major changes or events in your email. Think about what are the most important indicators for the operation of your website or e-shop and between which prices you do not need to worry about its operation.

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Log in to your account and select Admin -> View -> Custom Alerts -> New Alert. Then name the alert , select the control period, the dimension you want to control and the metric based on which the control will be performed. Example:

If you have 200 users on your site every day, then you can set the following alert to monitor a sharp drop in traffic. Period: Day

Applies to: All Traffic

Alert me when: Users —– is less than —– 100 Do not forget to select “Send me an email when this alert triggers” to receive the notification in your email and create those alerts that will allow you to control its operation site from your smartphone.


✨   SCHEDULE YOUR  SOCIAL MEDIA  POSTS Free training certificate 💥

Every social media communication channel allows you to plan your posts in advance. Apart from your summer posts, it would be extremely useful to create a calendar with future posts either using a simple excel or with an online app like loomly .

If you want to program all your Posts from one platform and not waste time on each account separately then in addition to Loomly you can use the tools of Buffer and HootSuite .

Do not forget that stories are an easy and efficient way for your brand to communicate with your audience and the summer landscapes of your holidays are the ideal background for your product or service.

🔥 CUT THE SPAM & KEEP ONLY THE IMPORTANT EMAILS. Free training certificate Enable spam filter in email 😂

If you do not want to see hundreds of spam emails in your online mailbox, it is time to deal with the spam filter of your emails. Especially now that you will receive important notifications on this, you do not want to be confused with irrelevant and useless emails that do not concern your site.

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At the following links you can find instructions Free training certificate for setting up spam in Gmail , Yahoo and Outlook

As for your webmail you can trust the Spam Filter from SpamExperts that we offer to DNHOST. Protect your mail from spam, online phishing and malware infection. You provide the antispam filter for free in all web Free training certificate hosting , reseller hosting and semi-dedicated hosting packages .

If you have your own summer routine do not hesitate to write us in the comments tips and tools that you use to check and update the site and social media during the holidays. We wish you a good summer and a carefree vacation without losing control of your website and business.