Subsidy of housing

🙂 Know the requirements you need to apply for a credit In to buy a home Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing  : Given that the people who can opt for the credit modality to buy a home offered by the credifamilia financial institution are employees or wage earners, independent workers and pensioners for each of them, there are requirements that they must meet in order to be one of the possible selected In the approval of the requested loan, here we leave you the information of the documentation that each of them must have on hand to process the financing system for the purchase of a home.

🤓  These are the requirements that employees or wage earners need to apply for the credit  ✅

Subsidy of housing  offered by credifamilia for the purchase of a home o People who fall within the range of employees or wage earners must submit a request for affiliation o They must have a copy of the identity document which must be printed at 150% scale and must contain the applicant’s fingerprint and signature o They must include the certificate of income and withholdings for the last year o It is essential that they have a proof of work in which the position that the applicant has at work is specified, the salary that accrues on a monthly basis, the length of service, the type of contract which must have the date of issue and this cannot exceed 30 days of validity o And finally, you must present at least two payroll vouchers of the last payments received by the company or entity where the service is provided

🔥  Know the requirements that informal workers must present in order to apply for the home purchase loan offered by credifamilia 🤑

o They must submit the respective link request

o The photostatic copy of the identification document to which it must be printed at 150% scale which must be accompanied by a fingerprint and the applicant’s signature

o You must present a lease, if you do not have it, you can present a certificate of tradition and inferior freedom that does not exceed 60 days of validity.

o If you want to be one of the possible people who may be selected, it is recommended that you present a proof that you have investments, in case you have it, it is necessary that it be certified by the financial entity or the company where it is registered in the bag.

o If you participate in companies, you must present the certification of the company, in addition to them the income statement and financial statements

✨  Look at the requirements that retirees require in order to qualify for the home purchase loans offered by credifamilia 💥


o Like employees or wage earners and independent workers, retirees must submit the application for employment

o They must present the photostatic copy of the identification document printed at 150%

o Indispensably they must present the certificate of income and withholdings for the last year, if they do not have it they can present the income statement if you are not a declarant the letter that certifies it

o Finally, you must present at least two proof of pension payment.

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