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🙂 Swedish Government Scholarships Accredited short courses online 🥇

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : The Accredited short courses online Swedish government scholarship is one Accredited short courses online of the ideal solutions for every student who wishes to travel to Sweden to complete his studies, but faces an obstacle to the costs of study, as Sweden is one of the ideal destinations for international students to study in one of its educational institutions, Accredited short courses online because of its distinguished academic level of the universities that It has a ranking in the international rankings, and it is keen to provide many facilities for students to have complete rest while staying in it to study, in this article we will talk about the Swedish government scholarship, Accredited short courses online its types, conditions for obtaining it, and the specializations available in it.

🤓  Accredited short courses online Swedish government scholarship:  ✅  

Sweden recently provided free scholarships that provide international students with the opportunity to study in universities for free without costs. Sweden was one of the European countries that provides the option to study in it for free, but the Swedish government has regulated this process by putting in place a law that provides for the imposition of fees. Scholarships for international students from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, with a set of scholarships for students who are unable to cover tuition costs, as these scholarships depend on exempting students from tuition fees.

🔥  Accredited short courses online  What are the most important types of Swedish government scholarships? 🤑

The Swedish government offers a number of free scholarships that provide students with a good opportunity to study in Swedish universities without tuition fees or with a low value of tuition fees according to the scholarship offered, and the following are the types of Swedish government scholarships:

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1- Visby Scholarship Program

Visby offers a set of free scholarships for a master’s degree in Sweden for specific categories of international students according to each student’s home country (Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Moldova). This type of scholarship covers all costs related to the study. And travel, insurance and living in the form of an allowance that the student receives, with a value of up to $ 957.

2- SISGP scholarships

The Swedish Institute for International Professionals offers a fully funded scholarship for a master’s degree in Sweden for students with a high level of skills and competencies, and this grant covers all costs related to study, insurance, and living, and this scholarship is for specific categories of Arab students who come from the following countries ( Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan)

What are the conditions for obtaining a Swedish government scholarship?

✨ Accredited short courses online  Obtaining a Swedish government scholarship requires fulfilling a set of conditions, namely:  💥


1- That the applicant possesses at least 3000 working hours that are paid or volunteer work, with the necessity of a link between practical experience and the field of masters that he wants to obtain

2- The applicant must be from one of the countries eligible for the scholarship

3- The international student must be from outside the European Economic Area

🔥  Accredited short courses online  What are the most important scientific majors offered by the Swedish government scholarship? 😂   

The Swedish government scholarship is distinguished by providing a wide range of academic fields, which provides every student Accredited short courses online with the opportunity to choose the major they wish to study and enroll in. The following are the academic majors available in the scholarship Accredited short courses online

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